Monday, November 17, 2014


Ella napped late and I had an MRI so we missed our normal Wednesday park trip.  I get to the MRI and have to wait for a long time. They send me back to get ready and lock up my stuff (including my phone) and then I wait even longer.   We start the MRI. Then I'm informed I can't nurse for 24-48 hours because of the contrast I'd be getting. Ella wouldn't have any parts of that so we stopped and I left.  I think I was gone from home for 1.5 hours for the MRI that never happened. Then I get home and read that the warning is bogus and there is actually science behind it that you CAN nurse after having an MRI. I hate all the outdated info. I got the same thing from anesthesia. So now I have to go back. I didn't reschedule yet because I was mad about the entire thing. At least it's not pressing. It's just to monitor my pituitary adenoma.

At least Ella was awesome for Dave!
I didn't write any more and the pictures don't show anything cool. Guess it wasn't too eventful.

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