Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Dave left at 6 AM to go to Lake Berryessa for a fun work trip.

Ella woke up at 6:40. I knew this would be bad for running with Marie.  Marie was picking me up at 8:30 to go to Shoreline since Dave had the car. We were putting our carseat in her car.  Well Marie ran late. Ella got really fussy and really tired. It was a tough time. But we finally headed to run at 9:10.  Marie had a goal of 40 min 5k and I told her I'd pace her so this is what we were trying to do.   We ran with 2:1 intervals. I was trying to do the math to figure out my pace but I was doing pretty well. We sped up the last .25 and did not take a walk interval. If we would have been consistent I would have paced us at 39:45... go me.  Instead we were at 38:30. Marie really pushed it at the end. She went pretty fast!  (Ella napped through 35 minutes of the run!)

When she dropped me off, I invited her in even though the house was a MESS.  She liked the homemade onesies. Everyone always also likes the planet mobile!  

After she left, I cleaned up a lot.  I always clean the most after someone comes in and sees a messy house. Too bad it always gets messy again before the next time someone drops in.

Ella took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

Ella and I met up with Gio and Lily and went for a walk. We walked over 3 miles. My legs were already tired from running so much and then they were really tired after the walk.  I wanted to get her good and tired so she'd go to sleep without Dave.

So I used to think I was observant. People often tell me I am. Well for the second time in a few months, I realized someone had a big tattoo after I saw them and the tattoo many times. I don't know how I miss these things. Gio has a big flower bouquet on her shoulder and I've seen her a ton of times and every time she has worn a tank top. I have no idea how I missed this. I also missed Beth's tattoo on her leg.  It's just so weird. I don't know how I don't even notice.  I told Dave about Gio's and he said he knows and he saw it. He met her once for about 5 seconds and he was just getting home from work and exhausted and he noticed.  I told Gio about my recent observation and she thought it was so funny. I told her Dave's dad has a ton of tattoos and she asked what of and I could only think of one thing. I need to pay more attention.

I fed Ella but this time I took off her onesie first. I learned my lesson and I didn't want a million strawberry stains again.

Ellla did go to sleep  at 7 PM. I guess wearing her out (and her waking up early) really helped.  I actually watched some TV. I was so tired from my day that I didn't do anything productive.   Dave got home near 10 PM


  1. Two workouts in one day. Nice.

    1. Rare. But sometimes it does happen. I feel so accomplished on double workout days. Today I skipped my run to go to target though.