Friday, February 13, 2015


messy hair

We went for a run in the morning. On our way home, we stopped to say hi to Lily/Gio. We ended up going in instead of just saying hi. Lily and Ella played.  We ended up staying there over an hour!

I got home and fed her and she went right to sleep.  She slept 2.5 hours!
We were late to the park because of that and plans we had changed a little.  Ella and I walked to the park. I took some pictures of Clara there. She wore a tutu and necklace and they were like 1 year photos. Ella was not herself and cranky so it was harder to take pictures and handle her. Marie helped with her but then didn't get to focus on making Clara smile.   I took close to 200 pictures and only some ended up blurry. Sometimes I took my head out of behind the camera so Clara saw my face so then those pictures weren't actually on her. Oops. This is why I'm not a professional.  I filtered out the blurry ones and had 165 good ones.

After photos there was a lot of swinging and playing.  We stayed for 2 hours.

Ella Photo Bomb

After we walked home, we played, had dinner, and then a bath.  The bath was Ella's favorite thing. She had a blast. She wanted more. I said if I would have known a bath was so good I would have been doing midday baths to help out with the awfulness.
Then we played a little bit and did bed time routine. This was all without Dave because he was playing D&D after work and then after that giving a presentation to people in India or maybe to people including people in India. I'm not sure which.    Ella did a lot of crying in her crib.

Finally I get to take my shower. This is my post-run shower from not the morning but the previous day's morning!  It's 9:22 when I'm done and combing my hair when Dave walks in the door!

I didn't get to clean up the kitchen or anything. I didn't want to by this point either.  I did want to eat more but didn't get to that until 10:30.


  1. Nice job on those pictures. You say you're not a professional but you still do a good job I think.

    Ella is so cute in her bath towel.

    1. Thanks

      After a bath she gets one hooded towel on but then gets 2 more on her to keep her warm.