Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 Exercise

I ran 82.54 miles in April! (As a reminder my goal is 38 miles each month with a reach goal of 42 miles.)
My total miles seems fake. It's just hard to believe for me.
My April 24 run is broken up because we had a calm babies down break in there. We also walked a half mile straight but I just counted it all in the total since we ran a lot overall.  April 29 was a short run because I was late leaving so joined up with Kathryn late and then I was in a hurry after so I couldn't add on any.
The run on April 26 was a very hilly run. I didn't have a stroller but still. That is my most impressive run I think. The long runs would be impressive but I keep doing them and keep rocking them.
I ran 4 times without pushing a stroller!  I ran 2 hill workouts (1 of which I was pushing a stroller).

I'm so impressed with this mileage. I want to run even more. But also my body is fighting back. My hips were sore for about 2 straight weeks this month.  I need to workout in other ways. I just ordered some workout DVDs so I can try those and run fewer days a week. We will see how that goes.  I signed up for a half marathon in July so now I need to keep up the long runs. (oo just realized the race is 10 weeks away. I better come up with a training plan.)

I lifted weights twice this month. I went on a few shorter walks. I chased Ella around a lot. I chased multiple kids around a lot.

I already have 205.22 miles for the year.

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