Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 4 of Half Marathon Training (May 2015)

I signed up for a half marathon in July. I realized it's week 4 of a 12 week training schedule so I pulled up some schedules to see what I should be doing.

So according to plans I could

  • lift twice, 3.5 mi, 2 mi, 3.5 mi, 5 mi, and cross train
  • lift twice, 3.5 mi 3 mi, 3 mi, 35 min tempo run, and 7 mi
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 4 mi, and 7 mi
  • 4 mi, 4 mi, 3 mi, 4 mi (on the most challenging plan but week 4 was an Easy week between 2 hard weeks)
Here's what I did. 

This week I have done 4 mi, 3.75 mi, 7 mile , and 3 miles.  Plus 4 videos. See details below.

Monday: I ran 4.03 miles with Gina. We ran fast for pushing strollers and we were talking the entire time. Our pace was 10:00 exactly.

Tuesday: I woke up so fatigued I bailed on my run. I did the Focus T25 Speed 1.0 video.

Wednesday:  I ran 3.78 miles. I ran .75 before Diana and 1 mile after Diana pretty fast.   During nap time I did Focus T25 Total Body Circuit.

Thursday: I ran 7.07 miles with Beth. We took turns pushing the double BOB each mile then split up the last mile.  Our pace was an amazing 9:06.  Then after I was home and hour I went out on a run with the neighbors Diana and Kathryn and with Divya. I ran 3.03 with them. We ran slower than normal since Divya isn't used to running but I didn't mind at all since I already ran a hard 7 and was pretty fatigued.

Friday:  Rest day but I cleaned hardcore for 2 hours straight. That was a workout.  I woke up so fatigued.

Saturday:  Rest day again on purpose because I woke up fatigued.

Sunday: Focus T25 Ab Intervals

Total Miles: 17.91
Total everything else: 4 Focus T25 workout videos, walk 1 time (at least)
Total suggested by training plans: 13, 17, 19.5 or 15.

Final Thoughts:
Not bad for 3 rest days. I'm actually proud of it. My mentality is very different than last time I was on week 4 of a training plan. I wanted workout buddies and now I have so many it's great!  I have been running so much and just this week added Focus T25 to the mix so I could still workout but run less but I'm not sure I will be decreasing my mileage either.

Photo Credit: Paul Meyer Photography (and cropped and edited by me)

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