Thursday, October 15, 2015


Ella was up for awhile again before I heard her.  She wakes up right near 7 ever single day.

 I found her imitating Daddy.

She even put on his headphones.
I didn't go for a run since nobody was available to run with. I was going to go anyway but then Gio asked if we wanted to go to the museum with them. It took us an hour to actually leave but we went to the Children's Discovery Museum.

We were at the museum for 3 hours. Ella liked the water area and the stairs the best.     I can't believe how big she is getting.

She told me she had to go potty but she wouldn't use the public restroom. I asked when we got to the car and she said no. But she got home, wouldn't sit on the potty because she was so tired, then ran off and peed. Then when showing me where she peed, she peed again.  Then she peed again on the potty. So she held it for a long time (about 2 hours), but then it wasn't fun to clean it up at home.

She napped for 2 hours and 40 minutes. It could have been longer but it was decent. She only started the nap at 1:40.

We hung out and had fun playing. We probably had more fun because I didn't even think of cooking. When I cook, she gets all mad.  I learned Ella can hang on me like a monkey. Well I call it like a monkey. She wraps her legs around my leg and locks her feet.  Ella also likes to ride on my back.  She likes to sit at Dave's computer and get into stuff too.

When we got home, I had her put the mail on Dave's desk chair. But then she came back and saw I didn't give her something and she took it and put it on her chair. Too bad it was mine. But I let her have the win.

We got Pizza Hut for dinner.

Ella loves to get her potty sticker then run and show it to Dave. Now when he's at work I say I will take a picture to show him and she gets all excited and shows off the sticker for the picture.

Ella just never seems to want to go to sleep. She was awake in her crib for 50 minutes before falling asleep.

I used my computer all evening. I was talking to a friend who just ordered cize and I was trying to make him switch to me as a coach (instead of no coach).  Then I just was getting so pumped about beachbody I was looking into more things. I haven't mastered the income side of it. I'm focusing on the helping people part but I should probably learn the other part.


  1. That children's museum looks so fun. Ella is so big, riding a bike! I love her pretending to be Dave at the computer.

    1. She is big. If only she could figure out pedals.