Friday, October 9, 2015


Ella woke Dave up by crawling all over him but he kept trying to sleep. Then she was drinking some water and spilled some so I went to move her off the bed which caused her to spill water on Dave. He was so mad he said that ruined his day. He blamed it all on Ella. I didn't tell him how that was my fault.  Ella did run off then run back and dump the rest of the water bottle on the bed. So she wasn't all innocent.

We had cereal before we even woke Dave up. It's the first day of not marking down how much milk Ella drinks. 1 week of no nursing and the first of the month. I figure it's OK to stop. She does not drink enough milk and I keep trying. Documenting won't change that.

I made Ella a dippy egg.

 Ella and I went to a park for 10 AM. Dave didn't want to go. We met Tiffany, Ant, and their son, Johnny, at the park. She went back to work so I rarely see her.  Ella had fun playing. We left there at 11:20. I was surprised we stayed that long. Time just flew.  It was a new to us park over 20 minutes away.

Ella fell asleep on the way home but woke in transit so she had a 12 minute nap if that.

Then we talked about going to lunch but we were slow moving. We ended up leaving at 12:20 to go to lunch. Usually we don't leave that late but Ella seemed awake and since she napped 12 minutes I figured she would nap slightly late.

We have had low pressure warning on our car for awhile. We put air in and within a few days it was a low pressure warning again. But it didn't look bad.

On our way out we were going to stop and get air. We pull into the gas station but air costs money unless you buy gas. Gas was 22 more cents a gallon than across the street so we didn't get air. We don't analyze the tire. While I'm in the car I think how I haven't looked at the tire.

We decide to go to lunch. We were headed to Outback. There is a gas station right near there so I say let's go there on the way.  Well, we never made it.

Dave was switching lanes and things started to sound weird and I said I think he got a flat.  He ran over the reflector things between lanes and I think that was enough to mess it up.  We pulled over but it was pretty dangerous there.  I could get out of the car and checked and it was flat. Dave had to wait almost 5 minutes before there was enough break in the traffic for him to get out. The shoulder was big enough for the car but that was about it.
We were there for awhile. We dug out the tire mobility kit or whatever it was. But that wasn't working to blow up the tire. It's what you are supposed to use. Also the car doesn't have a spare.

A roadside assistance cop showed up. After talking with him and discussing options, we decide to have him follow us with his lights on and have us try to take the exit then the next exit to get to a gas station not even a mile away.  The main concern for us was how dangerous that area was and it was on a shoulder at an exit that didn't have a lot of visibility and it's not like we could get off the road more.   We made it off the exit and almost off the next exit but we pulled over because a hundred yards back it started to sound bad.  Well it was. The tire was practically all pulled off the rim.

We stopped there and then after more discussion, we had the cop drive us to the shopping center not even a quarter mile away.   We left the car seat in the car even though this seemed like a bad idea to me.  Then we also locked the car and took the keys with us. Not a good idea either.
I didn't get to make any calls about towing or having friends pick us up until we were at Starbucks.   I make tons of calls. Tons of not fun times. I get a tow truck. But I need to get the car seat from the car and need to get a set of keys to the car because they have to put the car in neutral.

I'm messaging everyone I know. Well not everyone. I didn't make it entirely through my entire list though. It takes time to message people and explain to them the situation. Finally Hilary could do it. She was quick too. Then we spent too long discussing how to get to the car and also it was hard to get back to because we had to get to 85 south to take the exit for 280 north.  Then I made wrong turns.  Dave waited with Ella and Hilary and I went.  The tow truck driver beat us to the car.   We gave him the address of where to go. I told him how we had to go back and get Ella in the car so he might wait 5 minutes for us at the end. He just let us pay right then instead of that being an issue. I did offer to go back with him when he tows the car but he didn't seem to like that idea.

We go back and get Dave. It takes time to install the car seat and squeeze us all in her car.
Then we head to the garage Dave said to have the car towed to. I wondered how he knew to just send it there. We've never used there. He said they had a garage at the gas station.  We were 1 block away and get a call from the garage that they don't do tires!  The tow truck guy already left. They told him they don't do tires but he said since we said to have it towed there he left it there.

We had to call another tow truck and find a place with the tires. I called Costco and they were done taking cars for the day but you could leave a car there to be worked on in the morning. I called another tire place and they didn't have tires that would work for our car.  We got a tow truck. The new tow truck passed us up twice and went to the gas station on Shoreline first then on San Antonio next. We were at the one in the middle.  Then we went to Costco. We get there and the guy comes out and they don't have tires for our car.  This is when the tow truck guy said that Hilary could take Ella and me home and he's give Dave a ride home later.  That was nice of him.

Hilary takes us home while the car gets towed to another place.  As soon as we got in the door, I put Ella on the potty even though she was crying.  She immediately went bathroom and a lot. She did so well holding it. She only peed a tiny bit while we were out the entire time.

They get there and they don't have tires for our car either.  They go to another place and this one finally has tires and they can do them right then. Dave is going to wait and the tow truck can leave.  The tow truck guy originally quoted Dave at $50. He drove 3x what he said originally. He only charged $40.  Ed's Tow & Cradle is where it's at!  Dave was in walking distance of food so he could finally get lunch even though it was after 5 PM.
Ella ate cereal at home and she was miserable. I didn't get to eat. She was cranky and I was trying to salvage her. We hung out in bed watching youtube videos of her when she was younger. She liked that but would cry as soon as they were over. Finally I hold her while making a sandwich. She's a thief. I did eat about half of it and she ate a ton too.
Dave gets home near 6 PM.

We hang out a bit. Ella finally relaxed on him while he was on the couch and then she peed right on him/the couch. It was only a little though.

We said we were going to start bedtime routine near 7 but we started it later. Dave was so tired and wanted a nap so he tried to tell Ella to tuck him into bed and read him a book. She went and picked out a book and everything but then she wanted him to read it to her.  He fell asleep so I read with Ella. Then I took Ella out of there so he could sleep. She was crying. We read in the reading room a bit. Then she cried again to leave.  In her room she kept crying. Eventually she opened the door a couple times and I asked her what she wanted. She ran out to the kitchen and pointed at the cupboard then ran over and climbed in her high chair and buckled herself in.  So I gave her a yogurt bar and then cereal. She was hungry!
After that she went willingly back to her room. She used the potty but then kept saying she wasn't done. After a half hour I took her and put her in her crib. She was freaking out crying and telling me she still had to go.  I leave her room and do 2 things before turning on the baby monitor app. By the time I turned on the app she was sound asleep.  She went to sleep at 7:51 for the day.

Dave woke up. I started using my computer to type about the day in this post and tell my mom about it.  Dave wanted to watch a movie so we start a movie. I was only halfway done with the post but stop to watch a movie.  We both snack.  After a little I of course fall asleep. I wake up and turn down the loud movie and Dave complains I made it too low. I went in to go to sleep but I turned on my ipad with headphones. Mainly so I couldn't hear the movie. I was back to sleep in a few minutes.


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