Friday, October 23, 2015


These float around and I thought I'd give it a try.

Currently watching: Quantico. Well we just watched a few in a row and are now caught up. I want more. On Netflix I am watching Gilmore Girls but haven't watched in a couple weeks.

Currently eating:  I don't know and there's no food in the house and I don't know what to buy. I miss chips with dip from the past week. I liked that and peanut butter pie the best I think.

Currently reading: Nothing. Well no books. I read facebook probably the most of anything and that annoys me. I wish I didn't. I read blogs but only a couple.

Currently drinking: I drink a lot of water.

Currently wanting: A new camera. I found a good deal too. I have a week to decide. I currently have a Canon Rebel T1i and the T6i is the deal I'm looking into.

Currently loving: Ella!  She naps and after a little bit I just look at pictures of her because I miss her. She goes to sleep for the night and the same thing happens. If she was trying my patients and I need a break then maybe I do other things for about an hour before the looking at pictures starts!

Sometimes I've seen more or other categories but since I didn't have an answer for some I left them out. I am probably missing some too that I forget about.


  1. Did you hear about the Gilmore Girls reunion mini movies that are coming to Netflix? I'm so excited!

    1. No I didn't. I'm even kind of intimidated to watch Gilmore Girls because I'm on episode 5 or so and there are like 122 episodes or something.

    2. It is a big commitment. But worth it in my opinion. It's one of my favorite shows.