Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ella 22 Month Update

  • Weight: 23 lb 11 oz (20th percentile for CDC) 
  • Height: 34.85 inches  (91st percentile) (was 34.25 inches standing) (standing she was the same. just used the same measurements as last time. She wouldn't lie down for me)  I also know she is taller since she can reach way more stuff but I wasn't able to get a measurement
  • Head Circumference: 47 cm (44th percentile)
  • Pullups: 2T/3T
  • Total Teeth: 16 
  • Clothing: 18 month - 2T for dresses but 18 month ones require leggings under them. 12 months - 18 month for shorts, 18 month - 3T for pants. She wears 18 month and 24 months for rompers. 18 mo - 3 for shirts (some shirts run small). She loves to wear dresses.  She wears size 7 or 8 shoes (I think she measures a 7.5 but some 7s still fit and some 8s are still too big. 2T/3T for gutchies) She can only pull off wearing some 2T and 3T pants if she has on a pullup and sometimes they still don't stay up. If she has on gutchies then she needs the smaller sizes we have.
  • Weight/Length percentile: 9% (WHO) or 2% (CDC) 
She is staying up entirely too late. We traveled for 1/3 the month. Before we traveled for 2 weeks she had started sleeping in until 9 am and that was glorious. She seems to fall asleep between 9:30 and 10 every night. At the beginning of the month she went a few days in a row with no nap and then the next week the same thing. If she naps, it's for about 2-3 hours. Her naps have been starting later because she stalls with going to the potty. They start closer to 2. While we traveled she actually made the car seat to crib transfer and went back to sleep. That was magical.

She doesn't drink much milk but I am always offering it.  She eats a decent amount of food but is often complaining and not wanting it.  She eats breakfast, snack on a run, second breakfast, lunch, first dinner, and second dinner.  When traveling she ate less often and more at a time but she would be in the worst mood ever if she went too long without eating.
Sample Schedule:
She wakes up around 7 or around 9. She goes to sleep between 9:30 PM and 10:00. We start bedtime routine around 8 daily. She only naps 1 time but it can be 3 hours long or she has no nap.  She naps pretty close to 2.  For an hour before nap and an hour before bed she is stalling and claiming she has to go to the potty. It's taking up more of my day but she's crying less in the crib.

Ella eats breakfast as soon as she wakes up most days. She eats snacks during our daily runs.  Then she eats 2nd breakfast near 10.  She eats lunch at 11:30 or so. 

She uses the potty then naps.

 She eats briefly after nap sometimes and then eats when we eat dinner. Dinner has been near 7 but she can't wait after nap that long. I wish we could all eat dinner earlier but that just doesn't work out.

Bedtime routine has changed slightly again.  We fight her to get on her pajamas.  She might drink some milk but most likely doesn't.  Dave kisses her goodnight and she drinks some milk. Then Ella and I hang out and use the potty. I read to her on the potty and then when she sits on my lap. As soon as Dave leaves, she tends to sign for the potty and get right up to go.  As soon as she goes potty, she points to get a sticker then runs to show Daddy her sticker.  I sing to her. She knows the singing means she's going into her crib. That's usually when she'd sign again for the potty.

She wears pullups at night and during naps just so she will sleep better. She used to wake up from naps dry but she doesn't anymore.  She also tries to insist on wearing panties at night but when I let her, I come in and she's still lying down on a puddle of pee. I even go in when I first hear her before she is even crying. I think she goes as soon as she wakes up before she's ready to get out of bed. We have to change that.

One third of the month this wasn't her schedule since we were traveling. She woke up a normal time, fell asleep for nap in the car, transferred to her crib, slept a long time until we woke her to do something, and stayed up extra late. 
Ella telling me where to sit
Special Moments:
On September 21, Ella got pen and paper and then drew on the wall. She enjoyed cleaning it off.
On September 22, I gave Ella brownie while I was cooking. She didn't eat it and traded it for real food. 

On September 24, she learned "off" and liked to take on and off her bib and shirt. She also learned to say "one more" and loves to use it.  Also day 2 of no nap Ella so day 2 of miserable tired mom.
On September 28, she was pushed and launched about 4 feet at the park. The kid was nuts. He was using Ella's stroller and after about 20 minutes she wanted it back. He didn't want her to have it back.   She sprayed windex in her mouth while hiding behind the curtain! She reached it off of the counter.  I babysat Clara and Ella was showing off her potty usage and showing Clara her potty book (then Clara went on the potty here for the first time.) Ella put the animal puzzle pieces away in her puzzle!
On September 30, I told her to look up and show daddy. She looks up at him and says "see" to show him her hat.  She said and understood "three."
On October 2, Ella reached the door bell herself to change the song. She's getting so tall.  She sat in a booster seat at a restaurant at lunch and did so well.  I almost thought she swallowed a magnet because she had it in her mouth and then it was gone but she spit it in a drawer. She's a little bugger.
On October 13, Dave took her to a public restroom for the first time.  (She didn't go of course. She never goes in the women's room either.)
On October 15, she totally removed her pullup while she was in her crib supposed to be falling asleep for nap.
On October 20, Ella had a poop explosion out of her pullup on the airplane!  Later she actually went potty in her travel potty on the airplane.

She talks a lot. She even started forming 2 word sentences. She will almost never repeat a word you ask her to repeat. She only talks when it suits her. Sometimes she has some issues and she tries so hard. To her swing is "sssss wing."
She knows the number 3. (She can say one, two, three.)
She negotiates now.
She got a little bit better at jumping. She isn't that good at it yet.
She seems to have learned taking turns of sorts. She mainly uses this with sharing a drink or food.
She will pour water over her head in the tub. I put on the shampoo and then she rubs it in.
Ella takes showers amazingly well but I think this has been for a few months and I just never mentioned it.
She can recognize some letters. She knows A, B, C, D, and F for sure. D is her favorite letter for some reason.
She's gotten better at signing all done when she's done eating instead of just swiping her entire tray of food and drinks onto the floor.
She learned to push step stools or chairs around to use them to get at things that are higher.
She has opened the front door and opened the screen door by herself! At least she's a little bit slow. I try to keep the front door locked. If we have the door open, the screen is latched. But when she did it, we were about to leave and I forgot something so it was unlocked from that.
She learned things like "you" and "my" and "me" and points appropriately depending who is saying it.
When I'm singing the alphabet sometimes she says the next letter. She does this the most with D but then there are a few further in the alphabet too.
Other Tidbits:
She loves to draw. She likes pens, crayons, or markers.
Going into public restrooms. (But doesn't ever go bathroom in them.)
to sleep without clothes on
to go outside
Mommy, Daddy, Mummaw (Grandma), and Pap-Pap
watch you-tube videos
her blankets
watching videos of herself

She doesn't like when you don't give her what she wants.
She doesn't like to be helped to do anything.
putting clothes on
help when she's eating or drinking.
being cooped up all day in carseats and high chairs
when it's hot
men. She became even more afraid of men in the past month but I think it has been 2 months that she's been more afraid.
listening. She doesn't listen to me to stop or when I tell her to stay with me she runs off. She hides things I tell her to put down.
being woken up from a nap. She cries for half an hour or more if you wake her up!

Fun Facts
Doctor visits: 0
Illnesses: 2 (cold then stomach bug)
(issues with apps and phones so I don't have the sleep data this month)

Going potty in her travel potty on an airplane.
Swung on a big kid swing.
Trip to an amusement park
Gymnastics class
Random Things
Ella loves drinking out of an adult cup. She's gotten very good at using 2 hands but still sometimes it's messy. She likes to tilt her head back so she likes sippy cups over cups with a straw. 
It's pretty nice being able to ask her if she wants X and having her nod or shake her head.
Ella loves to hide in the curtains.  She loves hiding in there with Clara too.   
She likes taking turns a lot. So at least now I get to drink a lot of my own shakeology.
Ella is learning and saying more things daily. I'm writing this 7 days late and having trouble remember a month ago to see what I should document.
I feel like Ella had fewer temper tantrums this month than she has in the past.
I love that when Ella gets hurt she wants a kiss to make it better and then it's magically better. She seems to get hurt a lot more this month but we've been doing the kissing for a few months now.
Using the potty is worse. When we traveled she only went twice on the potty for the first 5 days. She also seemed like she was holding it in. I told her we were on vacation and she can go in her pullups and after a few times of reiterating that she was going in the potty again. She wore pullups for 10 days straight and then I was more relaxed about putting her in gutchies at home after. I might be in for some trouble.
I'm still so amazed and Ella's ability to dance. How does she know the beat!? I Still want to know and wish I was like that.
Ella is so opinionated on clothes and shoes. She refuses to wear so many things. She has to pick out her clothes or she flails all around that we can't dress her.

I took measurements a day late. I didn't even get height properly. About 4 days later she stood for me and was about the same as last time so I just used the same stats for that.   I didn't take her monthly photos with my good camera. She wasn't in a real outfit. I was going to take more the next day and I never did.


  1. I cannot believe how big she is. She's looking much taller and older in these pictures. What is the belt she is wearing? I couldn't tell.

    1. The belt is my running belt to hold my phone.

    2. I felt like just going to visit my parents and leaving she aged a ton there!