Thursday, November 12, 2015


Ell woke up at 6:30. I thought she might go back to sleep but she did not.   We woke Dave up a few minutes after his alarm went off.  He was tired and half asleep while we hung out in bed a bit.   At 8:30, Ella and I left to go to Marie's for breakfast with some other moms. I thought it'd be over around 9:30. Well Ella was tired around 9. Then people kept showing up later and later and leaving and we just stuck around until almost noon. Well that messed up Ella's sleep. She napped on the way home but I tried to get her in the house and failed.  Eventually I got her back to sleep.

She was super pleasant so I tried to do a hangout with my mom but that only lasted a minute or 2. Then we went to Safeway.   I forgot half of what I went for.

She just seemed all around tired and cranky.

I fed her. She barely wanted to eat. I nursed her and she fell asleep but only while nursing at the same time. I was stressing out because people were coming to look at the dining room table we were selling on Craigslist. I tried to put Ella in the crib knowing they'd show up any minute. That did not work. Ella never went to sleep.  The people were very very late. Dave got home before they got here. I could have let her stay on me.

The people finally showed up. They were late. The rain caused them to have a car accident or something. I didn't see any car damage so I wasn't sure.  It was hard to understand them. Then they wanted to negotiate the price down to about half what I listed it for and I listed it for less than 1/4 what we paid years ago.  Finally we made a deal because I think the guy didn't want to be driving around each night trying to look at everything.

We had falafels for dinner. Ella did not want any. I was shocked. Then she wanted puree. She gobbled it down.  Then she went to sleep.
I started to clean up this mess of a place but it was just so overwhelming I stopped.

I snacked while watching TV. I ate for a solid 45 min and wasn't even satisfied. I need different foods in this house.  I was up late doing this or that. I feel like I started so many things and finished so few things.

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