Sunday, November 29, 2015


Ella's sleep really is crap lately. She woke up near 1 am and then near 6 am. She was tired but just wouldn't go back to sleep. She was cranky all morning. I really wanted to go back to sleep. Dave let me for all of 10 minutes.

During the Steeler game, Ella didn't want to play on the floor. She wanted to sit on the couch right beside Dave and play there. She's climb on him too and liked to be held.  I was bummed when Dave got up to go play WoW.    Then Ella got fussy again. I said she wants to play with him. She's also happy on the floor in the office but it's not fully baby proofed with all the cords so it's hard and I just do nothing and have to keep an eye on her.

Ella sat on the floor "reading" on multiple occasions.  She sits and turns the pages and talks. She tends to point to each page, too.

Ella whined a lot. I had had enough. I could barely take it anymore. I was more on edge because I was so tired. Dave played his video game almost all day. I did get him to take a short break to get the Christmas stuff out of the garage. That took less than 5 minutes.

Then around 4:30 we headed to dinner (well lunch) and Target. Ella fell asleep on the way. I did not want to wake her so we went to Target first and Dave went in Target on his own. Then we went to Five Guys. The start and stop and lights ended up waking her up so we took her in. She was still in sleep mode.

After we played then attempted to get her to sleep. That failed so then we played for over an hour more. She went to sleep well after 9.

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