Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Giving my mom a kiss
Ella woke up at 7:30 and she was so happy. Almost right away she got her iPad and then called my mom on a google hangout. I stopped her from calling a few times but then went to type to my mom about how Ella was trying to call her and then Ella actually called her. So of course we had to do a google hangout for awhile after that.  Ella also greeted her saying Namma (or however you might spell it).

We ate breakfast, took Dave to work, then went for a run.   We called my mom on another hangout after we got back. Ella was so happy all morning. I couldn't believe how much fun she had.  Ella had a snack but that turned into lunch. It started with some dry Apple Jacks. Then she had blueberries, strawberries, and grapes.  Then she had some cheese and turkey. Then some crackers and cheese.  She might have even had something else too.  It was for a slightly early lunch.

While on the hangout Ella got the broom and was sweeping up. So we started sweeping up together.

Ella napped 2.5 hours. I cleaned while she napped. Dave came home from work early. He didn't feel good.

After Ella woke up, I dropped her off at Gio's and Lily's while I ran to Safeway, cooked, and cleaned some more. I think Ella was at her house for an hour and fifteen minutes and I got so much done.   I had to finish cooking and cleaning after we got back. I let Ella have some food while I finished.  Dinner was a bit late because I kept doing all kinds of stuff at the same time. We weren't done eating until 8:20.

Dave made a ham sandwich before dinner was done and ate it on the couch. Then he was mad Ella was climbing all over him trying to get his food. He tried telling her she had to eat in her high chair. I told him he's supposed to eat at the table. He said she is but he doesn't have to. He should lead by example. Sheesh.

Ella was tired but she was playing a bit. We started bedtime routine quite late.   It was close to 9 and then she was in her crib at 9:27 and then asleep at 9:53.

Dave and I watched a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black after Ella was in her crib.

Ella was just standing like this. Then I asked her to smile for Grandma and you can see her big smile in the next pictures. I sent the smiles to my mom then sent this to she could see the comparison and my mom liked this picture so much she printed multiple copies of it. Since she's not smiling her eyes are nice and big.

Eating not at the table!!!

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