Friday, November 6, 2015

October 2015 Exercise

I did 64.28 miles in October. I really should update my goal of 38 miles. Now I don't even have to try. I used to have to add on at the end of the month or make sure runs were long to make it. Now I got 64 miles even with traveling for a big portion of it.  I ran 13 times which is more than I was guessing.  I didn't have exact data a few times so I should have probably rounded that total.  I went on a few walks. I didn't really fill out my October calendar but I did keep track of what I did on my weekly training I posted about.

On the bright side with my slacking at running, my plantar fasciitis isn't bothering me at all.

I never did do the last week of Cize. I have to do that.

I ran my half marathon and now I don't what to train for next.

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