Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 1 of Training for Nothing

October 26 - November 1
I'm not training for anything now.

Monday: I ran 3 miles
Tuesday: I ran 4.34 miles.
Wednesday: I walked a little over 2 miles to google then walked around for 2 hours then walked 2 miles home.
Thursday: I did not workout. I was busy nonstop all day.
Friday: I ran 2.65 miles
Saturday: I went trick-or-treating with Ella. I ran about a mile because I ran back to backtrack to find where we lost her genie hat. (I found it.)
Sunday: I walked a tot trot with Ella. I quickly ran to and from the car. Then I ran a 5k.

I specifically tried to take it easy. I meant to do cize to finish it up but Ella wasn't napping and we were busy so I didn't.

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