Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I woke up around 8 when Dave's alarm went off. Well I woke up many times earlier because the cat was so annoying. She was purring and stuff and trying to rub her face on mine.

We woke Ella up at 8:40 because Dave had to get to work.   I drove Dave to work the entire way and after dealing with the traffic, I decided to run at Shoreline. Then it was like I didn't drive in that traffic for nothing.  I did 4 miles.
We went home briefly after so I could run inside and get water and snacks then went to Magical Bridge Playground.  We were there until noon.  I saw Riannah and Cassidy there. I went because one of the moms I met is part of a park play date and I get the emails weekly. I didn't see anyone at the park from that group though.  Ella had fun. It wasn't crowded.

We got home and ate. Ella ate a ton.  Then she wouldn't nap. She was in her crib for about a half hour but was crazy freaking out so I didn't just leave her in there longer. I got her and she was freaking out with me too.  Then we hung out a little. I told her to be good or we were trying nap again.  She was actually good playing with her play kitchen. I did look over at one point and saw her open the kitchen door and my phone was in there. Good thing I saw it. I would have never thought it was there.  I showed her pictures on my computer.  She loves pictures. She loves pointing out people she knows.

Finally it got too late to try a nap and she didn't seem like she'd nap anyway.  We ate again. We went to the park. We were at the park until after 5.   Ella made some friends. Tommy was 5 and Lydia was 2.5.  They had play swords and talk about "fighting" so I think Ella learned some new things.  Tommy was nice enough to let Ella hold his sword (these were soft styrofoam type swords) and instead of being grateful Ella shouted "two" and tried to steal Lydia's sword too.

We ate again, watched some TV, played, did a google hangout with my parents.   Ella was cute when my dad got home she said hi to him right away. He went off screen for a minute and she started calling his name.  Later my mom went off screen to get something and she said "Pap-Pap" and pointed to him and then said "mommy" and pointed to me. Then she looked concerned and said "where's mummaw?"

At 7:10 I left to pick Dave up. I had to wait for him because he wasn't ready. During the waiting, Ella fell asleep in the car.  She woke up when we got home. Dave tried to transfer her to the crib. She was crying a lot.  He told her "Pap-Pap says to go to sleep."  She cried for about 5 seconds and then went to sleep.  On our google hangout I told my parents how Ella was going to fall asleep. I tried to give her snacks to eat in the car so she'd stay awake. She ate them up until she fell asleep.  My dad said you just carry her to her crib and put her down. She turns over and covers herself and you say "go to sleep." Well I try to do that and it never works so they suggested saying "Pap-Pap says to go to sleep." We figured we'd try it out. Probably a coincidence but it's funny.

Second day in a row of no napping. The most days in a row she has gone without a nap are 3 but usually one of those days she would have had a few minute car nap but this time she didn't even have that.

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