Thursday, January 28, 2016

10.9 & 10.10 Travels

I asked Ella what she wanted to pack and she took off her dress and packed it.
Packing took a long time but we were ready slightly before we had to leave.

Ella spilled water on our bed just before we were leaving! Beth picked us up near 8:15 PM.
We get to the airport at 8:44!

The line to check our bags wasn't long but it took forever! Carrying a carseat was rough but at least it was close.

In line for security, Ella started getting frantic that she had to go potty.  The line was going so slowly too.

We made it through security at 9:20 so I guess it wasn't that long. Ella's teeth were bothering her so we gave her tylenol before we walked to our gate.

We got to our gate at 9:28. Then Ella the terror started.  Dave went to the bathroom, to buy food, and try to find medicine for Ella.  Well I had to stay with the luggage and Ella. Ella wanted to run around. It was so difficult to keep near the luggage.   It seemed like Dave took forever. He couldn't find the Benadryl. It was not a fun time.  When Dave got with her she'd always be calmer. I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were both there or that she just wanted him.

We boarded and the plane was full so we knew that someone would sit by us.  Ella was pretty good at first but we had to wait to take off and then she wasn't good.
She did like looking out the window and seeing things. That got old quickly.
She kicked chairs. She whined. She was so tired and wanted us to take her to her crib.
I knew it was going to be a long flight and it was.  I had to walk Ella up and down the aisle for about 2 hours total of the flight.  It was a rough time. She cried a lot. She kicked and squirmed a lot.
Finally she fell asleep near the end.  I fell asleep as soon as she did. I slept 21 minutes. She slept slightly longer. She woke up and then back to sleep on landing. So she slept 44 minutes total. She was asleep while I walked off the plane too. She woke up as soon as I tried to transfer her to the stroller.

We walked and then took the tram then met my parents.  Then we all went to baggage claim. I was glad my dad drove so I didn't have to deal with it. Shockingly nobody fell asleep on the way home. Dave went to sleep shortly after we were home but nobody else did.


  1. How long was the flight? I remember this story from your facebook. I've always been terrified to fly with a kid. We still haven't taken Parker on an airplane.

    1. Actual flying is 4.5 hours there and 5.5 back or something like that.