Sunday, January 17, 2016

2 year photos

We had Charlotte from Girl Taking Pictures take some 2 year photos. I wanted the focus to be family photos because I often take pictures of just Ella.   We probably got half and half but I'm going to split up the post since I like so many. Here are the pictures of the 3 of us.
I could not find my dark blue sweater. I spent over an hour looking for it. So then I bought a new blue shirt. I wore the metal belt since the shirt was so long. But I also have a belt on my jeans. I'm glad you can't really tell.
Ella found the necklace at the last minute and had to wear it.  We were actually going to just wear pink and blue. But then Dave and I just wore blue. Ella has on all the colors!
 We went to Vasona Lake County Park. I never heard of it but after Charlotte suggested it, I was excited about lake pictures since we never get water pictures.  Too bad on our way to the lake, Ella fell and scraped her face. So then we didn't get any pictures down by the lake. The walk to and from the lake and 3 minutes of pictures added 40 minutes too.

 Ella was supposed to lie down too but that didn't happen.

I like all the pictures and am glad I had mentioned more family ones than ones of just Ella. We did do some of just Ella too but family ones are so hard to get on your own.


  1. These are the best family pictures of you guys yet! I love your hair that way, love the outfits, love everything!

    1. my hair is so long and heavy that it just pulls it down so I like little clips at the top to help pull it up a little.


      We picked the outfits because Dave had 1 long sleeve shirt to work with. Ella refused her long sleeve though