Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 Exercise Goals

not really related besides exercise during pic but first exercise pic I found
For 2016, here are my exercise goals:
  1. run 180 miles (that's 15 miles/mo) with a reach goal of 240 miles (that's 20 miles/mo) -- I updated this after the first 3 weeks
  2. lift weights 52 times (that's 1/week)
  3. do workout videos 78 times (that's 1.5x week)
    • At least 12 times do yoga/PiYo (that's 1x/mo)
I did the goals for the entire year and the breakdown for weeks or months but I won't get bent out of shape if I have a low week / month as long as I have enough bonus other weeks/months to make up for it.

Random other goals related to exercise
  1. Have a photo shoot while running
  2. Have a photo shoot while doing various forms of exercise
  3. Combine random exercise files/videos to one spot on my computer
For inspiriting others, I plan to
  1. Run 12 free challenges
  2. Run 2 month long challenge groups
  3. Teach a bootcamp class at least 6 times.
This may not seem like a lot but with how busy I am with Ella, I am not even sure I will make it.


  1. Great list! Good luck to you :)

    1. I ran my first bootcamp class today but skipped my run :) and :(