Sunday, January 24, 2016

Googleween (10.28.15)

Googleween was from 3-5:20.   Dave had a meeting from 3-3:30 and had to get from his building to the event.  Ella and got there near 3:50 but she fell asleep on the way. We walked around maybe a half hour before Ella woke up. We got some food. I said we should get some for Ella. I got a little for her but meant/wanted to get more.

It was so packed. I couldn't believe Ella slept through it.

Finally she woke up. Lines were long. They were out of food. Ella wanted snacks, too.

We decided the lines were way too long for the bounce houses plus she would get killed in there with the bigger kids.

She wanted to do some treasure hunting even though Dave said she was too little.  We waited in line for that. She did alright but I had to help. She also tried to eat the other stuff that the white balls were hidden in.

She did some coloring but then didn't want to finish. We took it home to do later. One was a paddle ball thing, one was a bird on a stick, and one was a treasure map.

Ella enjoyed the live music best. She watched it for awhile. Then she stood there and danced. She danced and jumped around for awhile. The music stopped at 5:25 and then Ella dropped to the ground and cried.  She was very upset it was over.

We had to walk home. That took awhile. It took a little bit to even get out of the park and then onto the trail to walk home. We also had to take a break at the school for Dave to rest.  Ella didn't want to ride in the stroller but then she wouldn't hold my hand either.  Then I remembered I had a cake pop for her. I gave her that. She loved it and was content the entire way home.


  1. What a cute little pumpkin! It's a bummer when stuff is so insanely crowded. I'm glad she liked the music.

  2. They even had turned people away. They had a limit to RSVP for the thing. So it could have been worse.