Saturday, January 23, 2016


Ella woke up at 8:45. She hung out a little bit.  Dave wasn't ready for work yet.  I was using my computer. Ella comes into me saying "cere" short for cereal. (It probably wouldn't be spelled like that but it's short for cereal so I did) so we went in to have some cereal but she didn't like the options so then she had oatmeal. It takes time to heat so she had a few oatmeal squares cereal while she waited.  She did such a good job eating. She ate almost all her oatmeal and even had seconds of the oatmeal squares.

As soon as she was done eating, I got her dressed and we took Dave to work.  We drove him most of the way. Then I went to the post office.  The line was so short I waited in line versus using the machine. I figured typing on the machine while holding Ella would have been slower.  While getting Ella in the car a lady pulls into the angled spots coming from the wrong way. She makes it out like I was what messed up her park job because I was standing there. But she did it from the wrong direction. Then the back of our cars were very close.  She goes in the post office and as I'm backing out she comes out and just stares and me and keeps motioning what I have to do to back out except that wasn't quite it. She was old and nuts.

Immediately after the post office we went right to Safeway. Ella wouldn't get in the cart. Then I saw a cart with a car on the front so we walk over to that. She wants to try it out. That was nice.  I could shop easier but then she'd try to lean out and stuff. She was buckled in but still had some movement.   I shopped. I went down additional rows besides what was on my list since the list didn't have much.

Some how it got so late that it was almost 11:30 when we got home. I quickly put things away. I didn't even put everything away and we had to leave to go get Marie and Clara. I did pack them some fruit and snacks.  I hit every light red on the way except 1 light where I was turning right at the light. I was on-time but wanted to be early.  We loaded the car and then went to McD's drive-thru for lunch. We got to the airport and said our goodbyes. It was 10 minutes later than Marie originally wanted to get there.  Ella hugged Clara good and kept saying "one more" so I let her hug her a few times. Then we said bye and Ella cried on the way home for the first 5 minutes.  It made me want to cry.

While at the airport my BodyMedia fit armband broke further. So now I can't even tape it back together. I guess I am actually done wearing it for good. I've had the fitbit for about 2 months. The numbers are still way off with fitbit saying I burn way way less but I guess it will have to do.

On our way home, Ella fell asleep in the car. We were not even .25 miles away from home when she fell asleep. I sat in the car 5 minutes with her so she could sleep a little then I tried to transfer her to her crib. She woke up in transit and would look around and put her head back down and then repeat. I put her in her crib and said "Pap-Pap says to go to sleep" and she just turned over, covered herself with her blanket, and went to sleep! That's exactly what she did when he told her to go to sleep!

I ate more lunch since I only got fries since I can't manage eating other food and driving. I cut fruit for Ella's lunch. I did a few minor things and before I knew it, I had to wake Ella up to go to school. I was able to just carry her to the car. She didn't want to use the potty. She wasn't crying. We hit traffic on the way and were still 10 minutes early!  I feel like I woke her up later and we were there earlier than in past weeks.

Preschool was fun as always. Ella is always a bugger with the art project. She can paint the glue really nicely but then won't ever stick the stuff on the glue. Then she loves washing her hands and then sticks them in the glue just so she can wash them.

Ella did fall on the sidewalk. She gave such a cry that I knew she was in pain. She skinned her knee pretty badly.

My name tag pin fell off at some point. I tried to retrace my steps since I last remembered it on and I could not find it! :(  (Next week it was there so someone did find it.)

I texted Dave asking if we could just pick him up on the way home. I really didn't want to go home then leave again to get him. Luckily he said ok. Then we got Jack in the Box on the way home. Too bad it was the last day my chicken was still good to cook.

We were home early. It was nice. Ella got to eat and eat. She did such a good job with the chicken nuggets and burger. Then she was able to play. I love that she had time to play after dinner and before bed.   Ella was in her crib quietly "reading" for awhile and then quietly lying there. She didn't fall asleep until 9:30.

Dave and I watched some TV and went right to bed. I should have cleaned up the kitchen but man I get so tired by the end I just lie there and totally forget about the mess.

 Look at that smile giving her best buddy a hug.

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