Saturday, February 20, 2016

January 2016 Exercise

Not only did I not post this on-time but I didn't even update my Garmin file in a timely manner.
I ran 24.63 miles in January. I'm actually surprised at that. I thought it was much lower.  I posted my 2016 Exercise goals before and my goal was 15 miles/mo with a reach goal of 20 so I did hit that.

I tried to keep track of my workout videos and I think I only did 2 but I did kind of forget to write it down a lot. I also taught 1 bootcamp class.  I did push-ups a lot.

I wanted to lift weights once a week and I only did twice (one workout video and one bootcamp).

So I'm behind on everything but running.

I ran my first month long Challenge Group in January. I also ran a push-up challenge and a mix-it up challenge in January. So I'm ahead of my goal with the challenges.   I wanted to teach 6 bootcamp classes total and I taught 1 so I am on track there too!
Bootcamp was really fun so I scheduled 2 for February. It is a little challenging with kids too.

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