Friday, February 5, 2016

Lower Fix

Today, I did Lower Fix from the 21 day fix workout. It was my very first time doing it and I loved it. It felt like it was over right away.

I recorded myself on different 1 minute segments and trimmed those videos then compiled them. Now you can have an idea on the workout.

I used 5 lb weights. I think the 15 lb weights would have been too heavy for my first time and I only had 2 5s as my other choice so that's what I did. I have 1 8 lb weight but I thought I'd be lopsided if I used that and a 5.

I was definitely fatigued after and slightly sore the rest of the day. That means it was a good workout.  Sometimes with lower weights I go down more in the squats so then it's an even better workout than a heavier weight anyway.

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