Tuesday, October 18, 2016


We went to Moe's for lunch. 
Some of us went to Kerber's for some ice cream. Ella enjoyed the first time she had some. 
I went Timmy's to help him make his rooms usable. 
Ella did not want to go to bed. It was after midnight.  It's like she knew that we were leaving in just a couple hours.

 She's wearing her dollar store gloves.  Well maybe they were Target gloves. I can't remember now.

Ella is wearing an old bib even though at home she doesn't even wear bibs. I'm not sure if my grandma made this one or not. I forget if they were all homemade or who made them.

It's funny how much Dave missed Moe's and it's not even a fancy or good place. It's just very different than places in CA.

Ella likes to drive.

I think this was the drip where Ella had to go to the bathroom and used the travel potty so well in the car twice. Once she had to go when we were driving so my dad pulled into a parking lot and she got to go.

Ella is wearing her new jean jacket!

Ella likes to use the laptop!

Timmy's crops.
 Timmy's mess of a spare room.
 This picture was taken after we already started cleaning!


Ella not wanting to go to bed!

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