Monday, October 24, 2016


Ella and I woke up before Dave again. I tell him it must be nice to have a little time at night and also be able to sleep. As soon as I wake up to pee, Ella wakes up. I would go back to sleep too but then can't.
Ella had cereal again. She climbs into the high chair herself even though it's a tricky one.

My parents came again when we had to go to the hospital. Magen also came. They all went to the park while Dave and I went to the hospital.

Dave and I went to Nifty Fifties since it was so close to the hospital. His mood seemed a bit better. I told him that would change once he realized had had to deal with funeral stuff. (I was right about that.)

Ella was not happy when Magen had to leave. She cried a lot. Finally my mom was able to rock her and she fell asleep in less than 10 minutes on her shoulder. We got home just around this time so Dave (I think) carried her upstairs and put her on the bed.   I still can't believe all these people can rock her to sleep and I never can.
My parents stayed for dinner so we had a big dinner together. It was roast beef sandwiches, which is something Dave loves.

We hung out for awhile. My parents left.   We hung out more.  People went to sleep. Then Ella wanted her 2nd dinner. :)

I didn't even try to have her sleep alone and just went right to sleep with her. It stopped some crying that could wake other people up but she wasn't so good at going to sleep.

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