Wednesday, October 26, 2016


We went to Dave's mom's apartment to get some of her things. This was a big fiasco. Luckily Dave's mom's friend, Trish was there or we wouldn't have gotten in at all.  We asked about her possessions and he said she didn't have any.  Luckily Ella asked to go to the bathroom so then we got in. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason he let us in. She wouldn't go in that bathroom though. But then Trish did find a container of old pictures so we got that.  Before we went in, he went upstairs to get the Urn of Justin for us. He also gave us her purse but then said "Oh yea I put money in here last night" and took all the coins out of her purse to keep!

While there we learned the day of her heart attack, she was going to move out and move in with Trish! Trish showed Dave text messages back and forth and it made him mad. He took Ella for a little walk.
We went to Pat's again for lunch. This time Ella was there.  Her cuteness helps make things better.

Ella sat next to Dave while he went through his mom's purse. He taught her about coins. She was so cute and asked for more dimes. She asked for 3. Dave gave her 2 and said to check to make sure he did it right. She caught him. :)
We went to the funeral home for our meeting. Ella was bad running around. She took a bottled water and dumped it out too. I tried to leave with her but couldn't figure out how to get out so then I didn't. Later the funeral director just opened the door to get out so no idea why I couldn't manage that.
We went to a park. Ella of course had fun. There was some very dirty snow. Too bad it was so dirty so it didn't have the same effect when I was trying to explain it to Ella.

We were going through some old pictures and found some of Dave where Ella looks just like him.
Grandma Lori made cheeseburgers and french fries for dinner and Ella was such a good eater with both!

For Ella's late night snack she had some leftover milkshake that she ate like ice cream. She liked it.

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