Monday, October 3, 2016


I often try to teach Ella to just put her finger out and have Poly sniff at it and rub on her finger instead of Ella attacking Poly.

I can't remember what they were drawing but Ella sure has fun.

I had a t-shirt onesie painting meetup at my house. Ella very much liked the baby. I think that baby was 8 months old!

Ella decided to take some pictures of the baby and with the baby.

Too bad the camera doesn't tilt down so the pictures were even worse than above until I tried to make things as low as they'd go.

Ella stole the baby's pacifier!

The kids were getting a little rowdy so I took them outside.  This meant the moms got to paint and I didn't but at least they got to finish up before meltdown mode happened.

Near the end I let Ella start painting her gifts.  Ella picks the colors herself.

Dave was on vacation from work. I had the meetup scheduled before I knew he was off and I said I wasn't moving it since people were looking forward to it and we never do anything anyway.  We went to McD's for lunch. Ella was not good.  Then when we left Dave wanted ice cream. So did I. Ella wanted a milkshake but Dave said no since she was bad.
But then that meant she just ate 90% of my ice cream cone :( :( :(

I got some sometimes but she had to hold it!

The shirt Ella painted! before and after taking off the masking tape.
We walked down to the park.

Then we walked home.  Dave had a doctor appointment and I had mentioned he took the car. So she suggested taking her little car! That's why we went in the car.
We painted again! (More gifts)

Ella picked the colors again. I did veto the use of glitter though.

This one was going to be 2 colors but she used so much red we just went with red.   Then of course added a little glitter!

I'm not even sure why Ella is wearing her goggles but then she wanted a bath in the little tub.
We had a carnival planning meeting via google hangout. It started pretty late and went extra extra long so Ella was flipping out and so tired but of course wouldn't go to bed with me.  After the hangout we hung out in bed and I tickled her back until she fell asleep but then I was mostly trapped and it took awhile to figure out how to get up and get her to her room but I did it.

One of the reasons it took longer to try to get up was that Poly also joined us.  Dave had fallen asleep too. I couldn't reach him. I thought of talking to him but was too afraid it'd wake Ella so I didn't.
These are the shirts/onesies that were painted throughout the day. Most were painted after the meetup!  Ella painted the middle row for her friends.  The I am loved onesies are for a Sprinkle in May.

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