Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I had a separate post about the shower but here's the rest of the day + some details on planning.

In the morning, we had to go to the park to help set-up for the MVPA social. Ella did not want to wake up so I was late with the set-up.   It was a smaller turnout than most socials but I feel like it was more fun. It was Olympic themed. There was a painting craft and a ribbon want craft. Then they did some olympic type events. There was balance beam, javelin throw, and a ball toss.
Carrying everything from the car was tough. I had things for the photo booth. I had Ella's bag, bag with a blanket and shower curtain, and 3 step stools. It was pretty hard to carry. I was shocked after the long walk that people saw me coming and nobody came over to help me carry it the rest of the way. I would normally help any person struggling to carry stuff. But then I had an 8 month pregnant belly to go along with carrying everything.  Ella helped carry the small step stool at first then gave up.

Ella had fun. I was making her a bagel and she grabbed her own. So then we had 2 between us instead of sharing.  She liked to swing.

Ella was very obsessed with an almost 3 week old baby. The dad was very much quick with his reflexes to protect the baby from Ella.

These are the 3 step stools I carried at the same time!
I tried to drive Ella around on the way home to get her to fall asleep. She was pretty close.  She didn't fall asleep though. I had to get ready so I made Dave take her so I could get ready for my shower.
I didn't wear this but I was trying to decide what to do! I hate these tent-like dresses.
In the weeks prior my friend wanted to do games catering to me so she had me pull all kinds of data.  She wanted me to pull pictures of me with everyone at the shower but I don't have time for that so we didn't do it. (At a shower I went to a couple weeks later, the hosts asks all the guests each to provide 1 picture. That would have been easier instead of 1 person providing and digging for them all.)

I was late to my own shower because Dave goes to take Ella for his car ride nap but takes her to in n out and waits in line forever so then he's super late and I'm a half hour late to my own shower. It's only scheduled for 2 hours.

I still can't believe there were more than a dozen cupcakes leftover and I wasn't offered them and someone else took them home. Stephanie had to rush out and she thought I was going to get them but I didn't. There were also 2 kinds of pastries people bought that I did not get to take home. 1 person took all 3! Stephanie had already left. She told me that I should have asked for them. I said I didn't want to seem ungrateful but since she made the cupcakes she said they were for me!

Ella never did nap. But she was very good for Dave while I was gone. I don't know how he pulled that one off.
After I got home, Ella did some gymnastics and playing with her gymnastics mat.

We went in the pool!

After midnight I taped off and painted the photo booth for the carnival. I should have been sleeping but knew with Ella around and never sleeping I had to take advantage of the little time I had.  I did 2-3 coats of red to get it dark enough.

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