Tuesday, October 25, 2016

C-Section Vs VBAC

I had to have a c-section with Ella but then I wanted VBAC if at all possible with Miles. I thought the recovery would be easier.  I tried googling it to see what other people thought about a 2nd c-section or VBAC.

The first week or 10 days I was in more pain than I was after my c-section. I couldn't believe it. 4th degree tearing is no joke.  I didn't realize there is a weight restriction after a vaginal birth just as there was from a c-section.

After 2 weeks, I feel better than I did after the c-section so I guess it was the 2 week mark. I did go for walks after the c-section and didn't go on a single one in 2 weeks after VBAC.

I'm so much more lightheaded this time around. I never recovered from a day of labor without food. I think every day for 2 weeks I got lightheaded at least a little bit. Some days worse than others.

So much information I found while researching is what people are trying to decide what to do and not what actually happened. So many mention the weight limit for lifting after a c-section and I didn't find anyone mention the limit after VBAC yet I was told I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than the baby for 6 weeks which was the same thing I was told after the c-section. (A friend just had her 2nd vaginal delivery and she was also told the weight restriction for 6 weeks.)

I ran a half mile the day of my 6 week appointment after I was cleared to exercise.  I read online that after a 4th degree tear you have to wait until you are fully healed to exercise and some of the online sources say that takes up to 12 weeks. I'm sure some c-sections take longer than 6 weeks though. I guess I need to update this when I'm actually healed.

I wrote the above after 3 or so weeks.   Now it's been 6 weeks and I had my checkup. I am cleared to workout now. I was told the stitches healed but I'm still healing since the tearing was bad and that it could take some time.   I just have not been able to exercise because my knee is so bad. The only thing I can figure out is that I somehow hurt it during delivery.  I didn't do anything else to trigger it and it started hurting about 3 days after I gave birth.

After 6 weeks, I'm not even sure it was better to go with a VBAC than a c-section.   With less or no tearing I'd say c-section would be worse.  But then again I also know people who had a 2nd c-section and they did so much more the second time around than the first time too.

I figured I'd type this and thought I'd include more research I found but I kept not finding anything good. I'd see a lot on message boards and most people posted were trying for a VBAC but didn't see much about the actual outcomes and what people thought of it. I can't think of what else to write but ask a question or 2 and I'll answer and then more information will be contained here.


  1. I've never had a c section so I can't compare it to anything, but my second vaginal delivery was SOOOO much easier because I didn't tear. Like I didn't even feel like I had a baby afterwards. So I think that totally makes all the difference.

    1. Pushing is less time for everyone I talked to for second kid and by pushing I mean some had 1 push or 3 pushes and you had 0.
      I feel like 2 c-sections was easier. And 1 of each sucked. I have many pregnant friends still so I might have more days soon if any of them can do VBAC. So far my cousin and I are the only ones I know who didnthst and I haven't talked to her about it.

  2. Third c-section and this one was by far the easiest with the fastest recovery time. And that's with massive amounts of scar tissue from the first two. The hospital started a new pain management system cutting out almost all narcotics after surgery. I only had Tordal and an IV of Tylenol. It made me think a lot clear (narcotics make me have a fuzzy head) and i seemed to be able to get mobile a lot faster. That said, I don't necessarily think a VBAC is better than a repeat c-section. Everyone's situation and experience is so different, it's hard to definitively say.

    1. I feel like society so then everyone keeps continuously thinking it that for 2nd baby should do VBAC. Not sure why. I mean everyone talks about surgery vs what our bodies are naturally supposed to do. But wow did VBAC suck so much more then my c/
      -section. Your recovery did seem so fast this time.