Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ella Says...

Ella says funny stuff a lot but I don't always document it. Here are some instances where I did.

Ella: I want chocolate egg
Ella: I want 2 chocolate eggs
Me: ok you can have 2 chocolate eggs
Ella: 4 chocolate eggs
Ella: 5 chocolate eggs!!!! (Holds up 5 fingers)

I just tripped over Ella's step stool. I did not fall. Ella says "be careful mommy"

I left Ella inside to carry stuff outside. Then I come back to huge mess of her cereal everywhere.
I walk in and Ella proudly says "I made a mess mommy"

Ella: "Where's the wash rag?" Looking everywhere
Me: it's on your head
Ella: no
Checks head. It's there. Laughs hysterically!

Uh oh. I have been planning too much carnival. Ella says "mommy come ride with me. Not the laptop. Just mommy"

You know you are in bad shape when Ella says "I'm resting my back" and lies down
Getting Ella dressed for photo shoot
Dave: Ella you know this is important because daddy is wearing pants in the summer
Ella turns to him and says "whoa!"
Well Ella found potato chips. I was putting on socks in the bedroom and she walks in
"Too spicy. I need water"
7/24 10:15 pm
Ella runs out of room
Whispers to. Me "baby Timmy needs to eat"
Me: eat what Ella
"Mommy's boobs" and hands him to me

7/24 10:45 pm
Me. Ella so you want a rice Krispy treat?
Ella: yea!!!! Gavin's mommy cooked for me.

Me: I love you Ella. Do you love me?
Ella: No
Me: Who do you love?
Ella: I love daddy.

Me: What do you want for lunch?
Ella: Quesadilla from McDonald's.

"I want my iPad while its heating"
I'm surprise by her sentence structure!

Me: Do you want to brush your teeth before bed?
Ella: no
Scurries out of room. Goes to her room with iPad and closes the door.

"I want to show you something in living room" I follow her. She runs down. "This for baby"
She shows me the swing Dave just put together. We never told her if was for the baby.

PB: What's a good name for a computer?
Ella: Ella
PB: that's your name. What's a good name for a computer
Ella: Ella! Ella!

8/20 11:55 am
Ella talking to Dave: I want to go to Arya’s birthday party with mommy and daddy.
Dave: Her birthday is past so you have to wait another year for her party.
Ella: I want to go to someone else’s birthday party with Arya.
"Mommy come here I want to show you something"
She runs to get me. I go in.
"Look it's my laptop. I open it and turn it on here. Then it's too loud so turn it down. Then use it like this"

This is a toy laptop she found in the closet that she needs to be older to actually use.

Me: it's time for bed.
Ella: it's time for play!

After reading a quote above.
Dave: Who do you love?
Ella: Mommy?
Dave: Who do you love besides mommy?
Ella: Mommy
Dave: Anyone else? Like daddy?
Ella: Yea
Dave: Like Ms. Beth?
Ella: Yea
Dave: Like the mail man?
Ella: Yea


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  1. Aw at first she doesn't love you but then she does haha.