Saturday, November 12, 2016


After really needing to sleep after a day of not enough sleep I couldn't fall asleep at night. Then Miles was up after 1 hour of sleeping.

I was up a lot.  At 4:30 when I woke up with Miles I hear Ella wake up.  Then all 3 of us had quite a bad time until 5:30.  While we were greeting Ella and asking why she woke up, Miles had a blowout.  So that meant his 2nd of 2 swaddle sacks was dirty. Miles wouldn't sleep because Ella was there. She wouldn't leave us alone. She had to go potty but wouldn't go alone and so when I finally got up to turn on the lights for her, I gave her the iPad. I was able to get Miles to sleep within 5 minutes and then went to take the iPad away and wipe her. She was not happy. She wanted the iPad more.

Then I tried to get her to sleep. She was not having it. It took forever. I also couldn't fall asleep because I was freezing and she kept touching me with her freezing limbs.  Finally she's asleep and so am I. Then it's 30 minutes later that Miles wakes up!

Without a swaddle sack I used swaddle blankets but they aren't the same and he breaks out of those. Then he wakes up. So I did not get much sleep the rest of the night. It's not like I got much sleep to begin with.
I tried to get ready in the morning while Dave held Miles. Miles fell asleep on him! I eventually transferred him to the crib. I was getting ready and getting Ella ready the entire time.

I wanted to go back to sleep but ate some breakfast if I wanted to last at the grocery store without passing out. Miles woke up as I ate my last bite.

I went to Divya's to drop off a shirt for her to paint and she offered to watch Miles while I shopped. I'm so glad because I didn't have to wear him to be able to use a cart. I shopped in 40 minutes.  He fell asleep on her.  I had a full full cart and even had more on the list that i didn't get to.

We hung out for a few minutes so I could drive Divya to go pick up Arya.  She got to ride forward facing on the way home. I was going to drive Divya and then they'd walk back but I said her stroller wouldn't fit in my car with my stroller and my groceries.   Arya loved the car ride and wanted to ride in the car more.

I used my breakfast sandwich maker.

I briefly got to rest and then Poly lies on me.

Miles was cranky all evening.

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