Saturday, November 26, 2016


Ella woke me up at 5:30. She was holding 2 wipes and had her pullup. She said she pooped and needed help wiping. I checked and she didn't poop in her pullup (yay) and then I got to her white potty in her room and she did poop in there (yay).  Once we were changed, she cuddled with me and went back to sleep. It took me awhile to fall asleep.

Then at 8:30 she woke up and immediately said poop. She got out of bead and headed right for the bathroom and went.  She's such a big girl.

It took forever to leave the house. Dave had a meeting at 9 but then didn't even get dressed right after.  We didn't get out the door until 10:35. Then on the way to preschool I ask him when his next meeting is and he says 10:45. Well clearly he was missing a chunk of that one.   Ella had to go potty and went in her travel potty on the way in to school.

I can't believe it was already after 11 by the time I dropped Dave off at work. I had dentist at noon and lacked time. I went to McD's on the way and ate it in the car then brushed my teeth at the dentist.  I got home at 1:20 and then did some meetup prep. Before I knew it, I was rushing to get some stuff outside ready for the meetup and head to pick Ella up. I left after 3:50 to get her. When I got there she was having her snack. They told me she just woke up.  She spent a few minutes eating the rest of snack and we headed home. I changed the start time of the meetup to 4:30 since most people were late but calendar invites don't update so someone was her early and was already in the backyard before I got home.

At school I told Ella we were going to go home and do crafts so she had to tell that to the teachers. She was so excited. I never tell her who is coming because when I do the person she is most excited about is the person who doesn't end up making it.  But in the car Ella said Jaden was coming over. She was right. He is there for every craft session since I cohost with Angie.

Ella snacked and the kids played for a bit.  Then we read a book and did the craft. Some kids did the craft when they usually don't so I was excited. Ella did the craft less than she usually does.  One mom/kid were brand new so I tried to talk to them more. Ella wanted to have a snack so she was inside alone for a bit. She did not want to share so she wanted to eat inside. 8 moms/8 kids came. Within 5 hours, it went from 13 to 10 but then 2 didn't end up making it due to naps.

Ella washing her feet in the sink.
 Everyone was gone by 6 then Ella and I hung out. Ella ate some dinner.  We went to get Dave at 7:50.  His back was so bad that he lied in bed when he got home. I cleaned waiting for him to eat. I was starving.  Dinner was late. Ella ate again with us.   It was 9:35 by the time we were done in the kitchen.

Then Ella was a nut. Wound up so bad. She liked to be under the covers then pop out and say hi.

At 10:48, I tucked her into bed the first time. I tucked her in many times after that. Then I put the gate in and she cried at the door for a long time.  This kid will not sleep. Dave was asleep before her first tuck into bed. He always gets to sleep earlier. Then he doesn't wake up in the night when she does. Then he complains he's tired in the morning!!!  (11:23 and she's still crying at the door for me.)

(I went in and forget all that went down. But she insisted on wearing big girl undies instead of a pull-up and took off her PJs)  After awhile of tickling her back she was willing to stay in there and eventually went to sleep. Then I fell asleep using my phone.)

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