Sunday, November 6, 2016

Miles's 8th Week (11.5.16)

Miles developed cradle cap this week.

Most days he slept like crap during the day but his night time sleep has been much better.
We had a busy week and it would have been busier but our Tuesday meeting and Wednesday photoshoot were moved.
Monday we went to Ella's preschool and set up a photo booth and took pictures.  Then hung out at school for an hour. Then we went immediately to trick or treating. I baby wore him for the most part during picture taking and during trick-or-treating. Killing time I carried him.
Tuesday we went to the park then to Lucky.
Wednesday we picked Ella up from school.
Thursday, we went to PT and to pick Ella up from school.
Friday we had Angie and Maddie visit. Then we had about an hour break and then Chessa, Mary, and Annie visited. They left close to 5 pm.
I weighed him one day this week and he was 13 lb 9.5 oz.
Every time I try Miles takes a bottle from me. It's amazing. Dave tried to give him one and he cried but I think sitting in the office versus his comfortable room are the reason for that.  He still never takes a pacifier. I've tried a few times.   I'd say he's at about 75% for how often he cries when he's in his carseat. The car seat straps need to be adjusted and I haven't gotten to it. His shoulders are so high now.
I started dressing him in 6 month clothes this week. They fit a lot better.  Some are actually still too short in the torso.
All photos taken on 11/5/16

Miles is still on high alert around Ella but he doesn't cry right away now since she's been gentle a lot more.
His eyes are looking so blue now.

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