Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ella Says...

I was documenting her quotes in the notes app on my phone and I lost all my notes so I lost 2.5 months of awesome quotes. My last post went up to August 31.

Ella: Take a picture of my butt.
Me: You don’t want a picture of your butt.
Ella: Take a picture of my face.  (looks at camera all cute)
Turn on the timer and boom turns around to moon camera.

Me: Ella do you want a roll with butter?
Ella (super excited): yea! I’ll be there 1 minute.
Ella: I’m cleaning up everything first. (all her doll clothes and shoes)

Little later
Me: Ella, here’s your roll.
Ella: Hold on. I’m cleaning up everything.

Little later
Hands me bucket with toys in it “I cleaned up all my toys”

While nursing I hear
“It's a little bit messy” over an over

I go in. She's mopping
Tells me “It's soaked. Go outside while it's wet”
“I'll close door for you”
She walks and boom falls bad

Ella freak out crying in her room. gate in. She is supposed to be napping. I almost have Miles to sleep. Then yelling she's scared. Then finally said "someone is at my window."
I rush in to find a picture on a string fell behind the curtains.
Ella is sad
“I need a pacifier. I will feel better with a pacifier in my mouth.

Comes In with band-aids
Me:Where did you get them?
Ella :Drawer
Me: It's ruined so can you get another one?
She runs off. Comes back with one

Me:Where did you get it?
Ella: Band-aid box!
Ella: I will put this in really nicely
Referring to putting hair claw in my hair
When did she learn nicely vs nice
Ella just walked around. I asked where she was. she said "I pottying for daddy."
I peeked and she was dumping her potty of pee in the big toilet and saying "I wiping for daddy"
I asked if he changed her pullup. He said "No I told her she had to."  I said "oh she told me you changed it" and that's when she left
Miles on floor. Ella dancing like a nut
I tell Dave “I'm afraid to go to the bathroom and leave them here.
Ella grabs my arm: Don't be scared. You don't need to be afraid
I ask her to go to the bathroom with me so I'm not scared.
Ella walking to bathroom: Follow me so you won't be scared

"I love the Grinch so much. I never want to turn it off" while watching



  1. Oh my gosh that first one!! She is such a character.

    1. She is. I did take a picture of her butt because it was on a timer. I deleted it though. No sense having that around.