Thursday, February 2, 2017


Well luckily I went to sleep early because Ella woke up crying (on 2/6) at 11 PM. I rocked her and she went back to sleep but I stayed with her a bit and rocked more because she just wasn't her normal self. I fell asleep in the chair.  Then I put her down and got back to bed at 12:45. Then at 1:30 she was crying. She went right back to sleep. A few other times she cried then went right back to sleep. At 5:30 she did not go right back to sleep so I went in and then she fell right to sleep when I rocked her.  But then I couldn't fall back to sleep until 7:30. That sucked!   She finally woke up at 9:06.

She was so cranky. She was crying over everything. She was so sad. It just was not a fun time. She was super clingy to me. Even when Dave tried to offer to hold her she'd say no and wanted me to hold her.
Just to show how the day was going, Ella had marshmallows for breakfast.
Ella liked to watch football coverage so we watched that. She had to cuddle right up on me though.

We went to Slice of NY to get pizza for Dave for lunch and then I drove for a long long time to get her to fall asleep. I drove for an hour at least.  Then I bought some chip dip at Safeway once she was asleep.

Dave transferred her to her bed and she slept about an hour more.  I did some stuff on my desktop. I'm still behind on my to-do list of stuff I have to do there. I barely ever use the computer anymore.

She woke up and was super unhappy and sad.  I was eating chips. Finally she joined me and she only got happy when she would dip the chip in then feed me. Then she started dipping one and walking into the living room to give it to Dave. That made her so happy. She didn't even eat any. She just wanted to feed us. We got so full. We didn't want anymore and then she cried.

She did like watching football. She's funny because she hears the announcer say first down then she says it and does the hand motion. She also said touchdown.  They talked about a touchback once so she started repeating that.  She cuddled with me a lot.

At one point she had a cookie. She wanted more but only ate the icing so then I just gave her some icing in a bowl. She never had icing like that before. She liked it. I took 1 bit of the icing to show her how you can eat it and I had to drink 2 glasses of milk after to counteract the sweet taste.

We got Ella into her room a little after 8. She wanted to sleep on the floor. She was awake for a bit but never moved and didn't cry. She did cough some.

Before I knew it, I was blogging for over an hour (and still barely caught up). Dave was reading for awhile and then using his computer. He had Bacon Donut on the TV too.

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