Thursday, February 2, 2017


We had another bad night. Ella woke up for the first time near 11:45. Dave went in since he was still up and he rocked her for 10 minutes and got her back to bed.  She fell asleep on him sooner but he rocked for a full 10 minutes.

Then at 4 she woke up and cried a lot so I went in and rocked her. She'd fall right to sleep then I'd rock a bit and try to put her in her bed. She'd cry, slither out of bed, cry more, grab my hand and try to pull me back to the rocker.  This happened many times. She'd be so asleep on me too.  Finally at 5:45 I couldn't take it anymore and had to go to the bathroom. She told me I was not allowed and I held her when I went. This kid!

Then she did not want to sleep. I brought her to bed and she was flipping out about her ipad. I thought she can use her ipad and I'll try to sleep. But that didn't work so well either. She kept talking. She wanted me all cuddled up with her. My arm went numb from her lying on it.

She did bolt up once saying pee and we rushed to the potty. She had just gone in her pull-up though.

Then finally she decided she wanted to sleep. It was close to 6:40.  She had to sleep with me touching her though. She preferred hugging and touching as much of my body as possible.

She woke up quite a few times and would cry a little but if I held her hand or touched her more then she went right back to sleep.  I stayed in bed with her because of this. She never slept so long in all her life. She woke up for good at 11 AM.  I got to use my phone in that time.

Most of the time it was lefty because she was on my right arm. But at least I got to read fb and skim emails and stuff.

I gave Ella some crackers and she got so happy to feed Daddy and then realized he wasn't home. She got so sad and cried. I tried telling her how he was at work but she was so sad.

We did a facetime with Magen. Ella loves saying "Hi Magen" through the fb messenger thing. Then today I learned how to send some video too. Ella loved sending and receiving.  Then I suggested facetime instead of 10 second clips back and forth. We did for a little and Ella was so happy.  She was pretty miserable otherwise.
We had some chip n dip for lunch (or breakfast). It was our first meal of the day. I kept offering Ella so much stuff and she'd say no chips. Since she was sick I gave in. She loves to dip the chips then give them to me to eat. She was quite sad that Daddy was not here to give chips to.   We did a little hangout with Dave so that she could talk to him. She liked it.

Then later I asked my mom to do a hangout since Ella was so happy during talking to people. She talked to my mom for awhile then my dad showed up. She was playing and happy and not fully paying attention to them but she was happy so we stayed on. I told them how she was miserable otherwise. We were on almost 2 hours!  We get off and then Ella getting into trouble and crying a lot just kept happening. I mean how dare I not let her bite the kitchen table, bite my nose, hit my face, hit me with her sippy cup. You know stuff like that. She would also cry just to cry and not because she was in trouble.

Around 4 I got really tired so I asked her if she'd lie down with me in bed. She said "no. couch." so we lied on the couch and watched some TV. She also had her iPad. I really enjoyed that 20 minutes or so I got to rest a tad.  Since she slept in so late, I didn't even try to make her nap.

A little after 5 she was looking so tired so I kept asking Dave when he'd be home. He wouldn't answer.  Then finally at 6 he said he could come home. Then at 6:40 he sends me another message that he didn't leave yet. I was so mad. Ella was so tired but needed to see him.  She'd run to the door saying "daddy come" so I knew she wanted him.  When he finally got home, she was so happy. She tried to climb up on him and stuff.  Too bad he wasn't in a good mood so he barely played with her and he just watched MSNBC.

Then finally we got her to bed. She was asleep within 10 minutes. (By 7:35)

I went to bed right away and lied there and did some fb stuff and dealt with Poly on me and then I got too overheated to fall asleep. I knew I should go to sleep since I keep getting less than 6 hours of sleep total a night and it's all broken.  It's amazing how time flies because I was still on my computer at 10 PM.

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