Friday, February 10, 2017


 Unpacking progress
 Dave and Ella still asleep.

We went to our Monday Run. I ran 1.5 miles instead of 4 because I had to go to the bathroom then Ella kept yelling she had to go so I turned around.  She really did have to go.

We were playing waiting for everyone else to finish running. Ella was a little mean to another kid there.
The last straw was when she took my keys and threw them in the ground cover.  I even saw them going in and it took forever to find them.  Once I found them we left. I missed seeing everyone finish by less than 5 minutes.
I dropped Ella off at Susu's for Maie to watch her for about 2 hours so I could get some hardcore unpacking done in that time.


We went to a meetup in the afternoon but then Ell fell asleep on the way. I waited in the parking lot but she didn't wake up. Susu wanted to see her!  We just waited in the parking lot until Dave was done with work.

Ella keeps finding baby stuff and has to try it out. She fits in the bumbo.

She's helping me look for stuff.

Ella is cooking me something in the microwave.

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