Monday, March 6, 2017


I finally got some sleep. Still not a lot. I was awake in the middle of the night and couldn't seem to get Miles to sleep then I fell asleep in the chair for an hour. But then magically I got to sleep until almost 8 AM.
Then it was getting ready and in a rush starting then.
I had to wake Ella up. She was so tired from no nap.  She didn't want to wake up. We ended up leaving late. 1.5 hours is not enough time to get ready. Also I forgot to do some stuff on my to-do list.  We got to the MVCC at 9:45. I hoped to get there at 9:30. The Cookie Exchange started at 10 and we had to set up. Tobe was getting out all the tables and chairs when I showed up. I started putting together the photo booth.   It was a very hectic day.
We wanted Miles to look at me but he just wanted to look at Gio.

Overall the event was crazy hectic. There were 18 moms there with a ton of kids. Many moms had 2 kids but 1 had 3.  I took a lot of photos of families with my nice camera. It was super helpful because Gio held Miles for awhile.

Some people helped us clean up so it went pretty quick. During cleanup time most were gone and a few kids had so much fun running back and forth. We were just ready to leave and I was picking up canvas bags to carry them out. Ella grabbed the handle of the stroller and went to hang. Everything tipped and Miles flipped out. He was just chilling in there since he was awake and we had to clean up. He cried. Ella was so sad and distraught.
We got home and I dealt with a lot of screaming. It's a lot of trouble carrying everything in and dealing with Miles and Ella both needing stuff. But then once I got to nurse Miles he was able to go to sleep and he slept for a couple hours. That was great!  The time flew.   I was able to load all the pictures I took at the cookie exchange. I took over 250! We would have to take a lot of group shots in a row before we got kids smiling and looking at the right direction.
We got distracted and we didn't try to get her down for nap until too late. Then she was awful at going down and in her room talking and playing forever. It was probably close to 4:30 before she fell asleep.

Miles woke up and chilled and hung out a bit and we ended up waking Ella up. Even opening her door didn't cause her to wake up but when she saw Miles she was willing to wake up.

We did the same old stuff in the evening when Dave is home. He was already home all day because he worked from home so it felt more like a weekend.   We tried to get Ella to bed at normal time even though her nap was late since she has to get to school early on Friday for a field trip to see the Nutcracker.  That sort of failed. She played in her bed for ages too.

I cleaned the kitchen. She wanted me to lie in bed with her for bedtime but I said no Daddy was because I was cleaning but if I lied with her then Dave would just watch TV.  Everything is really messy. I spent awhile cleaning and only did dishes and cleaned the island.  Then I went and used my laptop.

In the evening my phone broke like it has broken twice before. Both other times it started working again sooner than it did this time. It sort of worked again a little but sometimes not and that was even after hours. Who knows if it'll totally be gone. I need to back it up! (It breaks saying there are no pictures and also apps won't work or with trying maybe 1 will load after a half hour.  Eventually pictures will show up or say they are there but a ton break and are gray instead of the actual picture. I did lost pictures but not a lot and it did start working again eventually but each time it broke, it broke worse.)

I ended up staying up entirely too late. I spent awhile trying to get my phone to work.  (It failed anyway.)

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