Saturday, June 17, 2017


Miles slept pretty well but then I kept thinking he'd wake and checking on him on the monitor. He woke up once. Then at 7 when I set my alarm to get ready for the dentist he was still asleep. I got ready. I pumped a little. Then I woke him up to nurse quickly and hand him off to Dave.  While nursing I had looked up how long it'd take to get to the dentist.  It said 10 minutes with current traffic.

I left at 7:49 for an 8 am and got there at 8:06.   Ugh traffic.

I was shocked I was done at the dentist by 8:51. They usually take an hour. I had a different hygienist this time.

I got home and Dave said Miles was good the first half the fussier so he swaddled him and put him in the swing (after doing some other stuff). Miles was cooing in the swing when I got home.  Ella was still asleep.
Ella helped carry
I woke Ella and got Miles to sleep. We got Ella ready and chilled a little. Then we had to go to a meetup so I woke Miles up AGAIN. I hate waking him and it was the 2nd time I woke him in a matter of hours. I wasn't organizing this meetup but was doing the photobooth so didn't want that set-up to be too late.

We got there at 10:15. It was scheduled until 12. I started cleaning up the photobooth at 11:45 and we managed to actually leave by 12:23. It took surprisingly long to clean up.  I took a lot of photos.  Miles had issues being distracted while nursing but I had a bottle so then he drank some of that. He even held it when I got distracted.  I feel like I didn't talk to that many people. It was busy. Having 2 kids + taking most of the pictures means I don't get to socialize so much. Ella was pretty good even though I don't think she played with her friends much at all.

Ella is so silly that she said she got hot and she took off her shirt.  Before that she took off her shoes. She put them very neatly behind someone's bag under a table. I had to ask her where they were because I couldn't find them. She knew exactly where they were at least!  We took a big group shot and Ella didn't have a shirt on but was wearing a blanket.

When I was getting ready to leave, it was raining so I was buckling Miles into his carseat and going better setting up my stuff. Someone walks in asking if I know who this little girl belongs to. I run out because a 16 month old was wondering off herself. She was pretty far from the door.  I returned her to her mom!

Miles and Quentin - 2 weeks apart.

Once we got home, Ella needed to eat almost all her candy. She was messy. She was rowdy.  I tried to get her to nap. That was a big fail.

Miles woke up so then she was on his crib even though she was supposed to be in her room.

Eventually she was asleep. Miles was awake though.

I was so tired.

Miles seemed so tired and fussy. He actually took a nap near 7 but it was sort of his nights's sleep.  He woke up at 9. Then we could properly nighttime swaddle him.

Ella was so tired once she finally went to sleep. She didn't actually wake up until closer to 7:20. I tried waking her. She was just so tired.

I made weinies and beans for dinner.

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