Tuesday, June 27, 2017


When Miles woke up in the middle of the night, I decided to give him Benadryl since his had worn off and his sleep has been crap after his first wake up.  Well his 2nd sleep was over 5 hours! That's way better than the half hour to one hour increments that it has been.

Ella woke up at 7:15 but didn't come out of her room until 7:20 when her light turned green.  I kept trying to sleep and Dave kept trying to tell her to be quiet.  I ended up having my eyes closed until 7:45 but I wasn't actually sleeping.

Miles woke up at 7:51.   Dave left for work at 8:30.  We were going to go to Happy Hollow but with my cold I had to cancel.

Basically once Miles was fed, I tried to work out. It took awhile to get Ella dressed and to get the video playing.  Then we worked out.

Ella impressed me with how much she exercised with me. She criticized me for not wearing workout clothes then said that what I was wearing was OK.
I sped up the video so it wasn't as boring. I also didn't use all the clips I made.

Then we had some Shakeology.  Ella also had some food too.

I got Miles to sleep. I was shocked at this!

Ella and I had lunch. We made Chrystal Light. While I was cooking, I hear gulping and turn around to her drinking out of the half galloon. I asked her to do it again so I could take a picture.

Ella requested plain broccoli!  Another shock!

We loaded the dishwasher. Ella helped. Then Ella gave me a sticker for loading the dishwasher so well. Then I kept loading to finish and she said I still kept doing a good job so I got another sticker.  

Ella was so so so tired. We started nap time routine at 1. I never start it that early with her. I thought it was going well but that was short lived. She came out numerous times and I'd send her back in.  Then Miles woke up so I was in with him. I thought I heard Ella but then it got quiet.  Well when I came out of Miles's room, the master bedroom door was closed. I got closer and learned it was also locked.  Ella let me in. I asked what she was doing. She said she was eating jelly beans and reading like Daddy. I asked where she got the jelly beans. She said in Daddy's drawer.

Miles is so chill.

We got on a hangout with my parents. Ella was bad. She was so tired so she was bad. She also kept crying.

Finally we called Dave to have him tell her to go to bed.  She went to bed then!!!   Miles was awake but very chill so I was organizing and taking out the trash and the recycling.

He was getting cranky so I couldn't put him down anymore.

Ella didn't want to wake up from nap.  She even woke up and went back to sleep.

I cleaned the kitchen table and started feeding Miles. I got Ella and she slept on my lap for a bit.

Dave brought pizza home.

Miles ate crackers, yogurt, pizza, and oatmeal.

Then it was time for Miles to go to sleep.  Dave played his game.  Ella hung out with me.   Ella wanted to eat more!  Miles woke back up and went back to sleep.  The 2nd time he woke back up, Ella ran in and climbed into his crib so then I had to go in.  My stomach had started hurting so doing bedtime routine with Ella, I was getting so frustrated.

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