Friday, June 30, 2017


I took the kids to the library for their dance party and craft time. The crafts are once a month and the dance party is weekly.  Ella wanted to do crafts first.  She was slow and crafted the entire time. The dance party was over well before she was done crafting.  I'm so glad I met someone at the park who told me about the Shaler Library and their crafts on the first Thursday of the month.

Ella was still working on her ice cream cone and some kids finished all 4 art projects.

 I tried to have Miles do his first art project.
First Ella did the ice cream cone. Then both kids glued tissue paper on a bach ball.  Third Ella used a sponge to paint ice cubes on a cup.

The 4th craft was tracing a hand then cutting it out and adding eyes and clothes pins.  I traced Ella's hand and she cut it.  I traced Miles's hand and made his.   Then Ella wanted to make another. This time she traced her own hand and cut it.

Ella loved it. I need to find more events like this.
After we got home, I got Miles to sleep and then Ella could do beading.

I made her the one bracelet she's wearing. She made 2 more bracelets and a necklace.
Ella was a ghost!

Miles likes his toy.
Ella was tired but didn't want to sleep of course. She watched her iPad on the couch.
Just a random picture of the progress or lack of progress in the master bedroom.
Here's the kitchen that is mostly clean.

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