Sunday, June 25, 2017


I got 5 hours of sleep! 5 continuous hours!  The day was spent feeding kids, cleaning up after them, unpacking, going to Target, eating, and emailing the old landlord.

I was up from 6 am until after midnight.  My parents came for about 4 hours in the middle and my dad helped unpack the craft room a bit.

I wanted more sleep

I put Miles in here and tried to go back to sleep.

We woke Ella up.

Oh we also facetimed with Arya/Divya.  Ella was so pleasant and then all of a sudden got awful saying she was hungry. She woke Miles up but magically he went back to sleep. He napped for 3 hours!  It's amazing how productive I can be without actually having much progress. We have too much stuff and not enough furniture for rooms or storage for things. There are closets but toys and clothes just need something else.
Ella wore her petticoat and a pink dress. She loved it. Then she used her little umbrella and was just walking around around with it. Ella loved to spin.  Now she couldn't use her sit n spin with the petticoat on so she did take it off. I'm glad she took it off before we attempted to get into the car. There is just no way the car seat would have buckled.

Miles got quiet. I look over and see this. Ella said she gave him her iPad for 5 minutes.  She went back and took it back after a little.

The iPad gave me time to prep lunch at least!

Target was a real chore. We only went for a couple things. But Ella didn't want to sit in the cart so then I was dealing with her. Then Miles wanted to be held or he cried. I  did play Magen singing ABCs for him on repeat for awhile and that helped. I'm sure other customers would rather hear a faint ABC song than hear him crying.

Ella is upset the movers got sharpie on her sheet
Once all the kids were in bed, I started to email our old landlord. I was going to clean the kitchen but not responding to him kept weighing over me so I wanted to get it done. I spent well over an hour typing it and it was 1494 words.  I broke down the pictures they sent of our "damages" saying they were there previously.  Then I went on to say even if they weren't there previously by CA law they can't charge us for the damages.   Then I went on to say that even if they could charge us for damages they did not get us the damage report within the 21 days that is required by law.  And since I was so fired up, I also mentioned that they still owed us $75 from a plumber service fee that I had to pay. I had Dave read the email before I sent it and he shook his head and I asked why. He said I seemed very upset.  He didn't change a thing and I just sent it as I wrote it.

Once that was done, I actually cleaned up the kitchen for the 4th time.

Then Dave and I continued to watch the TV show we were watching form dinner. I had mentioned Miles didn't do his normal wake up at that hour then 15 minutes later he did wake up.

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