Monday, July 3, 2017


Miles wasn't as good in the night as he had been. It was awhile to get him back to sleep  and then I fell asleep in the chair. I only got 1 hour of sleep in bed before he woke up.
He just started shimmying around in his crib instead of staying perfectly still.  The last couple times I got him his head was shimmied almost to the corner.

Ella was such a big girl and woke up to go bathroom!

We ate breakfast and had to get ready to go. Ella put on some makeup too.  She put on white eyeshadow.

Of course it takes longer than it should. I anticipated it taking as long as it did but still breakfast took a few extra minutes. I was texting with the photographer because it would be all wet and we were determining if we should change times and what was available.  We ultimately had to stick with the time that we scheduled it for.
We were scheduled at 10:30 and I didn't have the kids out of the car ready to go until 10:36. I know it takes time to get the stroller out and diaper bag and kids ready so I wanted to be there early to account for that.
At breakfast we told Ella we were moving to Pittsburgh. I said we would be near Mummaw and Pap-pap and she got so excited. I also said she'd have to find a new preschool. Dave said she would make new friends.  I don't think she listened to the last part because she was so excited to be near her grandparents.    Then on our way to photos, she said "We aren't going to Pittsburgh, we are going to the park."  She said this just as we were turning onto the street the park is on.  She knew that red light was the light for the park I guess.

I picked out the outfits trying to coordinate the best that we can in this house. Ella picked out her shoes though. She wore high heels. She was pretty good and running around in them.  She was so good at pictures. Miles was about ready to fall asleep.   He's never ready to fall asleep in the stroller. He was in there while we went from point A to point B at the park.   Ella was being carried so she didn't get her pretty shoes all muddy.
We took pictures for a few minutes over an hour. Miles was done by that point and we got the pictures we needed so that worked out.  He didn't get awesome pics solo because he was so tired. (Separate post for pics)
Then we went to Jersey Joe's for lunch. Miles slept on the way but woke up as soon as I opened his car door.  He was good the entire time we ate lunch.  Then he cried most of the way home.

We got home and it was nap time for everyone. Miles napped on me and I fell asleep. Ella never napped and kept playing in her room.

Maie watched Miles and Ella for 2 hours while Dave and I worked on the garage. We were cleaning and going through stuff.  Maie had Susu too so she took 3 kids to the park.   I learned after she came back that the tire was flat. She pushed the kids up it while wearing Miles. She was still sore 3 days later. 
 We made really good progress going through and throwing away stuff.

 I guess not much else went on since I only have 2 more pictures.

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