Saturday, July 22, 2017


Miles slept!  He woke up at 3:30 but went back to sleep. This meant I was only briefly awake. Then at 5:30 he woke up. I just let him nap on me and I got comfy and went to sleep in the chair until 7 when he woke up.

I felt so rested. I finally got 7 hours of sleep.
We hung out in bed playing.
Dave goes in to tell Ella goodbye and wake her up. She never wants to wake up when he does this though.

While feeding Miles breakfast, Ella came downstairs.

We went to the basement so I could look for something. Ella got out blocks and dumped them everywhere in the matter of seconds. She played for a bit while I tried to get Miles to nap. Sadly I didn't get him in the crib before she barged in so then his nap was 2 minutes.

So we gave up on nap and went and ate lunch.

I took pictures of the baby birds in the nests outside.

I got Miles to nap.  He only napped an hour. In that time, I tried to unpack in the living room. It just ended up being more toys that Ella played with and made a huge mess with.

We went for our first walk in the neighborhood. One neighbor was driving by and stopped and talked to me. Another came out of her house to talk to me. I was hoping I got to meet some neighbors. It started to rain on us so we rushed home to get inside.

We played in the living room.

Ella had quiet time in her room and I got Miles to briefly nap on me. He had 2 naps but the total time was still less than his normal 1 nap.

Ella was so hungry at 5 so she didn't tolerate quiet time anymore. It lasted about 40 minutes.  So then I fed the kids dinner and ate a bit.

Dave said he was going to Trader Joe's on the way home so I gave him a list.

I cleaned up the kitchen.  It was then bedtime for Miles. I had to go to the bathroom and put Miles in the den. He was content so then I did a few other things.
I got him to sleep then was back to the kitchen cleaning things up.  Then it was Ella's bedtime.   That took forever. I used my computer and she came back out of her room so then I was with her again.
We watched some of the Penguins game but quit before it was over since we were already losing 4-1. There were only a couple minutes left in the game.

So throughout the day Miles loves Ella. He's always so excited to see her. Sometimes I'm surprised by this because she's not always so nice. When I was taking clothes out of the dryer I hear him yelling and I come running and she's sitting on his belly.  Earlier I was putting clothes in the dryer and I hear a thud and him crying. She tells me she pushed him over because he wouldn't sit where she wanted him to.   She did a few other things similar to that.  It's like I always have to be around but then I can't get anything done.

I found out a friend was pregnant so then I stayed up too late talking to her. I was up until 1 AM.

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