Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ella Says... (June 2017)

Ella is always saying the cutest things. I don't often document it anymore. Here are some from June.

At least 3x a day she tells me “You used the wrong word Mommy.” She's right. I am often saying the wrong thing.


Ella goes over to Miles in highchair.
She backs up. “Ew what's that smell?”
He had poopy diaper.


When she should be sleeping but lying with me.
”I'm happy we got our stuff back.”


“We made a big mess all over the floor. Next time the cleaners come they can clean it all up” (clothes everywhere. She's right about mess. But we don't have cleaners. )

Pointing to her new stickers “Later I want to give these to my new friends.”

Me: Did you make new friends at the party yesterday? (referring to Logan's 5th birthday party.
Ella: yes.


Pap-Pap: Who taught you to be so smart?
Ella: Mommy!!

I was in the other room. They are building furniture. They didn't know I could hear!


Ella and I were on a run and she said her tummy hurt. I gave her some tips with her arms to help her form which would help her tummy. A little later. "I'm doing my arm better mommy and my tummy doesn't hurt."


Me: Ella what do you want for your birthday?
Ella: chocolate cake.


"How did this get here?! That is Mummaw's and Pap-Pap's”

Pointing to new heating pad we bought. The same as theirs. Ella was very observant.

Ella: Where’s Daddy?
Me: Daddy is at work.
Ella: I forgot to wake up at 2 am"
Me: Why did you want to wake up at 2 am?
Ella: To see Daddy. I wanted to go to work with him and spin in the teacup.
(His work in Mountain View had a teacup in the lobby.)


She said "Why didn't they stay longer? I want them to stay a long time"

Mary and her family just left and Ella wanted them to stay longer.


I asked Ella if she wants to see Aunt Nancy tomorrow
She nodded
Me:  OK because she will go back to Michigan and we won't see her for a full year
Ella: I want to see her now too.


I come downstairs after trying for the third time to get Miles to sleep

Me: Ella. Miles doesn’t want to go to sleep.

Ella: That’s because he forgot his bennies.

I didn't give him Benadryl on purpose but it's funny Ella knew it.


Ella is drawing. She shows me what she drew. “This is for Arya and Mary to know how to get here.”  She drew them maps.



  1. I'm happy we got our stuff back. Awww.

    I'm glad you get to take credit for her being smart. Ha.

    1. Sometimes I'm pretty impressed by her. Today the electrician came after a week of not being here. I barely recognized him. I talked to him and everything. Later Ella saw him walking and said "the electrician is here" -- she was asleep when he showed up. crazy how she remembered.