Monday, September 15, 2003


today wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i did my presentation in ied that i didnt' know we had to do. lots of people in my group researched the same as me. i didnt' get to sit anywhere near dave in class because we had to sit with our teams. physics wasn't so bad. i sat near tom today. when i got to physics i didn't like it because people were where i normally sit. threw me for a loop. i dont like when that happens. next time i have to be more than 5 minutes early to get my seat back. programming wasn't too bad. i would have figured it out myself. it's always just easier to ask dave. i got my one point for the inclass problem today. we have the next homeowrk assignment to do. only 4 more classes left and 2 more hw assignments plus a project. i dont think we really learn enough that we have to do in that class. the book seems pretty good though.

my family visited this past weekend. it was nice. i bought a lamp. timmy doesnt' think he would like it up here though. i got to spend time with just maggie and no dave at walmart. it was a lot different. we lost maggie at walmart and then when timmy was hunting for her we lost him too. he found her but we couldnt find them. we all found each other in the end and maggie got a big red rug.

i have to write my essay on philosophy of law for tomorrow. i dont think it is goign to be pretty. i hate essays!

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