Tuesday, September 19, 2006

donated blood

i gave blood today. my iron dropped (didn't even need to get spun). My temperature was 98.9.

I was able to give.

I did not even get lightheaded.

I walked at lunch with pb (very shortly after giving).

also they didn't question my weight. this is the first time ever. they use a certain size bag for 110-119. then 120 and up. well i dont' know they might have a third size. today they blieved me. i gave the 120+bag for the first time

i wanted doughnuts. they only had cookies and pretzels *pouts*

i didn't think it was very crowded today. i told my dad BPMI was more crowded. then at the end of the day today they sent out an e-mail pleading people to donate saying they didn't get the turnout they needed.

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