Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 mi North Park Run (8.10.11)

11 seconds were unaccounted for so this could be 46:11 but I went with the lower split times anyway so it gives the appearance of speed.

Today we met at 6am to run. Man 6am is far too early. It is still dark for crying out loud.  Kelly and I had plans to run and then she invited April.   We met at our usual spot.  We ran clockwise today.  It is the way that April and Kelly usually run. I enjoy the other way better. Their way you can pick up speed a lot more at the end and push it. We ran the big hill instead of cutting through the boathouse.  Before we started, I decided we should aim for 9:30 miles. They agreed to the pace before I knew we'd be running the big hill and we still beat our goal.  We should have completed it in 47:30.

Cutting through the boathouse is longer but most people think it is shorter.  The uphill is harder but the downhill is easier so I think it's a wash.  I just don't like that it is less than 5.  We had to run past the bend a bit to get to a full 5 miles.

We had the ability to talk the entire way. We just didn't talk the last mile when we were pushing it.  Our speed + continuous talking gives me so much confidence. 

Kelly said our goal should be to run the loop in 42 minutes.  I think about 44:30 is my fastest but maybe 44:45.  We'll see if we can make it to 42 minutes by the fall.  I will feel accomplished if I do that.  Do you think I can do it?
We booked it at the end. It was downhill so much easier to pick up speed. It was around 7:30 pace but faster at some points.

I really think the 3 hill repeats I did Sunday at Norwin have helped me the past 2 runs. It is amazing... Amazing how hill repeats help or amazing how it's all in my head that hill repeats work.  Either way it is amazing.

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