Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8.14 - First Full Day in Leadville

Even though we stayed up late our first night in town, I was still up at 7:30 AM because it felt like 9:30.  After we got up and situated, we went and picked up Huck. Callie was babysitting him for the day. He was the bonus dog that Callie told Timmy about before coming to visit. He was a little camera shy. He even ran and hid behind the bike. Then Callie took us on a little walking tour of Leadville.  The town is bigger than I was expecting. I was also shocked at all the bikes but then I learned there was a bike race that weekend and people come from all over. So all the bikes made perfect sense. 
Callie started to brew some tea that she was going to put in a container in the fridge to turn to iced tea. Well we forgot about it and after a little bit (long bit) smelled something burning. That pot there in the bottom row is the tea. Sad times. It was a big pot of it too. That was enough excitement for us for the day.

Callie said she wanted me to go for a run. Oh boy my first run at 12,000 ft elevation. She told me I'd be fine and that she ran 5 miles on her first day in Leadville. Later I found out that she did in fact run 5 miles her first day in Leadville but that she was in other towns in Colorado first and did not run 5 miles her first day in the state. Oh boy.  I already wrote about the run but now you have some more pictures. 
I thought I'd get awesome daily pictures while in Colorado but I kept forgetting. These running pictures of me from BEHIND are the best picture I have for the day. Oh boy.
Timmy took some amazing pictures while we ran. Above are just a few. If you want to view all pictures form the day, they are on my picasa.  I definitely think I need to change my desktop images to one of the nice pictures around Turquoise Lake.
After our run, we went to the Fish Hatchery. Then went home and played on our computers.  We mainly looked at all the pictures from the day even though we just lived it.  Callie had to take a stats test so we tried to be quiet for her. We failed and kept talking so she had to go to the other room.  She cooked us dinner in the middle of taking her stats test.   While Callie did her test, I did some Leadville 100 research and got more scared the more I read. I was mainly scared that I'd be in worse shape and not able to run even though I was supposed to be a pacer.

I feel like we did a lot more and were busy all day but now that I'm writing about it after returning home, I'm not remembering all the little details and at the time all the little details were so fun.  I mean just sitting on couches with dogs was awesome. Sometimes we sat on the floor so the dogs could have the couches. We are too kind.

Man just looking at these makes me miss hanging out with Callie.


  1. That spaghetti: smallest sauce-to-pasta ratio in The West.

  2. Those pictures from the lake are SO pretty! I've never seen real mountains in person (just from a plane) so I'm jealous!

    I have seen red sandstone mountains in the desert and Missouri mountains, but I don't count those because they don't have snow. To me snow=mountain.

  3. DF: I almost wrote a note in the post about how I got comments about am I sure it's enough sauce and I said yes. Then later I had too much sauce and had to go get pasta to add to it because the ratio was off.

  4. Ashley: I loved the lake ones too.

    They were my first real mountains. I mean I've been across PA and that is through the mountains but doesn't even count. My brother also said they aren't mountains unless they have snow on top of them.