Thursday, August 4, 2011


I used my color wheel this morning.
Pants: Gap, Skirt: Express, Necklace: Kohl's, Shoes: Aldo, Cami: Express

If I sleep in too long, it is too bright in the morning and I don't get good pictures.

I broke my rules and wore bone shoes with a white cami.  My white dress shoes are sling backs and don't work well with pants. I put them on and took 2 steps out of my closet and already couldn't stand them.
Dave not only left the grill cover off but left the grill opened after dinner the night before.
Poly was spying on me while I took my daily picture.
Poly napped on me in the morning. I hit snooze or so I thought but then I slept for another 20 minutes with no alarm. Oops.
We had peanut butter pie again. The filling seemed to have disappeared. It also didn't stay in pie form very long.   Now I have even more of a desire to get peanut butter pie like I originally wanted.
Poly thinks she owns the place.

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