Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:00:38 AM - Scrap and Run: 3.35 mi Run (8.3.11) Mile 2 = fastest of the 3 full miles
12:01:18 AM - @BodyMedia Do you have plans to make it so activity manager can tweet my stats? (Currently I can share via facebook but would rather tweet.)
12:02:29 AM - @lisafilipek reading a book at night creates a backlog of tweets
12:04:26 AM - @briecs I emailed them to let them know the mission statement was outdated. They know and it's on their to do list! We got our changed 1st
12:05:02 AM - @BodyMediaFIT I would but it didn't appeal to me. I Do go to Cheesecake factory and not get cheesecake.
10:40:56 AM - @BodyMediaFIT I'm sick of most restaurants. Carino's is my favorite but I rarely go there (too far away), Panera, Jersey Mikes, Houlihan's
10:50:32 AM - @BodyMediaFIT Houlihan's = lots of their food + water. Haven't had a alcohol there yet. Carino's = Itilian Chili all the way+loaves of bread
10:51:15 AM - @BodyMediaFIT At Carino's sometimes I get a meal plus the soup. Other times just unlimited soup (3.99). or soup + salad unlimited.
08:16:17 PM - Just got to my seat at the game. Pirates already did all the scoring
08:20:17 PM - @mikecherepko I thought they liked cabbage. Are you visiting?
09:25:12 PM - We just walked in the tying run. Ugh
11:39:47 PM - I just started to do an ab workout and Poly came out of hiding in the closet. Then she proceeded to try to get in my way no matter what.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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